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  1. K

    Pro-163: Deaf Pro-163?

    My Pro-163 can barely pick up anything. VHF high and 450 anyways. Not sure about other bands. A cable TV amplifier helps but it still not as sensitive as other scanners or transceivers. Is it common for this scanner or is this particular one a dud or damaged? I opened it up and the shielding...
  2. T

    Pro163 not receiving any trunking stations

    Hello, I have a Pro163 Radio Shack scanner. I purchased the programming cable and software, and had the software download all the frequencies from RadioReference for my county. The software then programmed my scanner with the downloaded list. I can pick up standard UHF/VHF frequencies, but...
  3. C

    Wall adaptor for Pro-163

    I recently purchased a used Pro 163 that did not come with an AC to DC wall adapter. My local Radio Shack was useless in locating a tip to fit the Pro 163's power plug. Has anyone out there had luck in locating an extra charger or adaptor tip for this model scanner? I was hoping to pick one up...
  4. Crypto_Sailor

    Radio Shack Pro-163 Help/Advice

    Hello I'm new to the world of police scanners and recently acquired a RS Pro-163 scanner and have been trying to listen to police,fire,emt etc...I purchased ARC300 software for this scanner and a subscription to radio reference in order to download the scanner frequencies for my area (Virginia...
  5. W

    Pro 163 Won't Trunk

    After making a programming change to my 163, for some reason or other I can't get it to just scan over the talk groups on my local public safety trunk system on the motorola type II smart net. I've tried the radio shack software and PSR edit plus uploaded the new firmware, but it won't take! It...
  6. R

    Pro 163 - Programed(?) but not receiving any tranmissions.

    I have downloaded the control channels for Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes in Louisiana from the Radio Reference Database. I have also downloaded the talk group id's for LA State Police Troop C and the Lafourche Sheriff & Terrebonne Sheriff from the database. I have also gone through each...
  7. L

    Neophyte help (brand new PRO-163)

    I'm absolutely new to this; while I grasp theory, the practice seems to be eluding me. The manual for the PRO-163 reads as if there is an assumed base level of knowledge, which means I am grasping at straws. I've tried to set up the scanner using the data on RadioReference for Fairfax County...