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  1. radiofoamer

    PRO-197 scanner question

    This may be a dumb question, I have an old radio shack pro 197 scanner that I just recently dusted off and started using again. I was programming new trunking systems into it, so I checked out my county’s brand new trunking system which is p25 phase 1. How ever every single frequency has...
  2. W8HDU

    RS Pro-197 Remanufacture

    The Dayton Hamvention is over, and I heard two guys talking mobile to mobile on 146.52 as they drive home about someone possibly picking up the Pro-197 and making them again. I gathered from the conversation there was some sort of discussion at the Hamvention. I sat this year out. This...
  3. K

    PRO197 mostly dead (need Miracle Max!)

    I have 3 PRO197s that have worked fine but last night one of them that's only about 3 months old mostly died. The only thing alive is the lighted front panel, no text on the display, no audio, no nothing else. Opened it up to look for anything obvious like burned resistor, etc but didn't see...
  4. M

    ARC500 pro197 - where are "SRCH L/Outs:" ?

    After downloading everything from my pro197 into the arc500pro software, i can't find where the list of search lockout frequencies (from the global settings) are. I have some ranges of frequencies I scan, and have about 30-40 frequencies in those ranges locked out. Where in the arc500pro...
  5. MasterScan40

    Pro197 Control Channels Confusing

    When I'm in the TUNE search, I found 5-6 control channels all get 99% on reception. Are they bleed over from control channels? These are after a main control channel. I was using a PRO2096 - now I'm using a PRO197. The 96 can't get the control channels in but the 197 can... This does this...
  6. cliffwp5

    Waukesha County Frequencies

    PRO-197, programmed for only Waukesha county trunking. For Waukesha County there are 13 frequencies that the county will use. While monitoring for the better part of a week now, I've noticed that my scanner has not stopped on the upper 5 frequencies. (They all begin with 853.xxxx) I have...
  7. B

    PRSEdit500 help !

    ok i have tried 3 different programs for my RS PRO 197 and this PREdit seems do the best, now the trouble is that when i import anything i have to go though and set the bank on every freq that i do...one at a time ...i know there must be someway to fix this where you pick the bank you want them...