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  1. M

    win96 "incorrect model"

    Hello Everyone, I get "incorrect model" when trying to upload. Also theres no progress bar on upload and there is on download. Is there a button I am missing on upload perhaps? Windows 10 home pc and windows vista laptop using radio shack 20-546 cord; pro2096 will download from scanner using...
  2. N

    Pro-96: Pro-2096 Not picking up Digital

    I have a 106 that is working perfectly. Using software from the same company and loading the same digital frequencies and talk groups, digital picks up nothing on my 2096. I can manually stop on one of the frequencies and occasionally hear traffic, but on scan - nothing.
  3. T

    PRO 2096 with multiple systems

    Hey, Does anyone know if you can put multiple systems in one bank on the Pro 2096? I live near the Baltimore region and have this radio in my car. When traveling, I run out of bank space on my 2096 so I was wondering if I could put systems in one bank to "share". I figured on putting County...
  4. O

    Fairfax Couny Fire Dispatch ??

    I have not heard anything from Fairfax County Fire Dispatch or Fairfax City Police Dispatch in the past week on either my Pro2096 or Pro96. I get all the other talk groups including all the County Police and mobile fire units but not these dispatch channels.. Any ideas or anyone else...
  5. G

    Win 96 Conventional freq web import

    This may be a stupid question, but I'm unable to figure out (I've read the information on the starrsoft website) exactly how to import the freqs into a channel bank in Win 96. I'm fine through all the steps including "Write XML". But what do I need to do after that? I've tried importing the...
  6. G

    PRO-2096 Digital decoding issues

    I just received by "repaired" scanner after 4 months at RS service in FL. But I still have the same problem. The scanner decodes digital signals for a few minutes to 1/2 hr after being turned on, then stops. All I hear is the raw digital feed on the APCO 25 channels. It seems like a heat...