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  1. W

    Pro-96 and SAFE-T

    I've been away from scanning for a while. My old Pro-96 has been collecting dust. I got it out today to listen to SAFE-T during the snow storm but I'm not hearing anything, so I suspect something has changed. I searched for information here but was unable to find anything helpful (it might be...
  2. H

    Help me find my next scanner

    After many years of service, my RS Pro-96 is on its last legs (on-off/volume knob is going bad). I could really use some expert advice from you all on an economical replacement. I’d love a slight upgrade from the Pro-96 but I certainly don’t need the “latest and greatest”. I’d like to stick with...
  3. S

    Just can't get Nashua on my Pro-96, advice please

    Hi, I've followed a lot of the discussions here about the new Nashua lineup, and because my Pro-96 used to work just fine for Nashua (FD, PD, etc) I tried downloading the frequency data direct from Radioreference as always, using the Win96 program. I've tried starting the data in both position...
  4. M

    win96 "incorrect model"

    Hello Everyone, I get "incorrect model" when trying to upload. Also theres no progress bar on upload and there is on download. Is there a button I am missing on upload perhaps? Windows 10 home pc and windows vista laptop using radio shack 20-546 cord; pro2096 will download from scanner using...
  5. N

    Pro-96: Pro-2096 Not picking up Digital

    I have a 106 that is working perfectly. Using software from the same company and loading the same digital frequencies and talk groups, digital picks up nothing on my 2096. I can manually stop on one of the frequencies and occasionally hear traffic, but on scan - nothing.
  6. C

    Pro96 Re-banding South East Ohio

    I have a pro96 and Win96 V01.74 As I understand it I should be able to use my pro account and download from RR the sites and groups I want and my scanner should work with rebinding. Well it's not so I did some research and found where in Win96 you set the 800mhz channels to re-banded. Well...
  7. M

    Pro96 not working for p25 here in Meck Co.

    Hey folks, I recently picked up a RS Pro 96 to try and listen to the newer p25 radios being used here in Meck Co. I used older RS models for the Motorola system for years and they all worked fine. The older Motorola system still picks up using the Pro 96 but I get nothing when trying to listen...
  8. P


    I just purchased a used pro96 and am trying to program with win96. I imported the data fow Benton County ,WA project 25 (which I monitor with my pro197) but it don't seem to pickup any thing digital. The conventional works fine. I also programmed it exactlly like my pro197 and it don't recieve...
  9. P

    Benton county Pro96

    I just purchased a use PRO96 and am trying to get it to recieve Benton county. It will pickup all the conventional channels fine, but nothing on the digital. I have the freqs set up the same as on my Pro197 but nothing. Am I missing something or got a bad radio? Any ideas would be greatly...
  10. julienmason

    PRO96 rebanding issues

    Our Motorola system has just gone through the rebanding process. I have entered the new control channel, but I only hear some of the transmissions. The scanner will stop and give me the tag, but no voice comes through many times. When I do hear the transmission, I get the tag and the...
  11. Terminator23

    Pro 96 + Pro 96 Clone

    RadioReference Community, Quick Question regarding Cloning a Pro 96 to another Pro 96 I've read on a forum here that someone else used a basic stereo to stereo jack. To do this. Is that possible? I don't need a special programming cable or something? ... I have the stereo to stereo one that...
  12. Terminator23

    Pro-96 Severe Programming Assistance

    Radio Reference Community, *Please bare with me. I'm going to provide as much information as possible. I appreciate everyone's time.* I'm not a complete newbie to scanners but ever since we hit digital my head is spinning. I have a Pro-96 that has been professionally programmed (by computer)...
  13. richrisdon

    VSP Division 7 and STARS

    Good afternoon, I am sort of a new user to programming a Pro 96 but a long time scanner listener. I am really about to pull out my hair on STARS. I also use win96 software. I have read as much as I can, and am really confused. I live in Alexandria Va. and would like to listen to STARS. I would...
  14. C

    Uploading WV freq to PRO96

    As an engineer, I'm not usually stymied by trying to do something simple, but I downloaded WV data from RR and tried to put those freqs into bank9 of my PRO96, replacing that bank in my normal DC-MD-VA data set. However, when I upload the WV data in to bank9, all the other banks are gone. This...
  15. C

    Arc96 software

    I'm from Bristol, CT while using software, I have Bristol, Local towns and State Police Programed in. Bristol uses Motorola system while scanning I'm getting inaudible noise the display is showing Mot:400-00 or Mot:000-09 it will let me save as talkgroups but can't lock them out when i manually...
  16. G

    Win 96 Conventional freq web import

    This may be a stupid question, but I'm unable to figure out (I've read the information on the starrsoft website) exactly how to import the freqs into a channel bank in Win 96. I'm fine through all the steps including "Write XML". But what do I need to do after that? I've tried importing the...