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problem transmissions

  1. J

    Unitrunker voice receiver drops a lot of transmissions?

    I have recently discovered the possible benefits and exciting potential of inexpensive SDR hardware. I installed the latest version of Unitrunker and I am experiencing the same issue as aspicer posted on a different thread, back in 2014. Since I can't tell whether the issue has been resolved I...
  2. K

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT8800 will hit repeater but won't TX

    Hi Guys; I have been monitoring local repeaters for some time but mostly use my radios for simplex comms. My FT 8800 works great for cross band repeating and simplex with HT's; its mounted mobile in my truck. I decided to jump in on a local repeater that's programmed in my 8800 and didn't get...
  3. F

    bc786d Scans but wont stop on talkgroups

    I have programmed my bc796d scanner with proscan, it scans and scans but will not stop on my stored talkgroups, but if i have it on ID SEARCH it stops all the time on the talkgroup id that i have installed. Any help?
  4. S

    MT 1500 Knob issues

    I just started over seeing our communication and we upgraded a few years ago to MT 1500’s. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues with the channel knob not staying seated. The problem being that the radio will switch back in forth between different talk groups and not receive all...