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programming problems

  1. N

    ICOM IC 2-GXAT help needed

    Hi! I have a question about my ICOM IC 2-GXAT. I've had it 20+ years and it's traveled all around the country with me in planes, trains and automobiles and it worked flawlessly. It's old and it's single-band, but it does the job. The only thing I've ever had to do is replace a battery pack...
  2. U

    Uploading data to R6 using ARC6--get CL ERR

    Hi, just got the OPC-478UC cable and ARC6 license. I properly installed both onto Windows 7 (ICOM USB Drivers 1.3) and I was able to download data from the R6. When I attempted to upload, I get a CL ERR on the R6 after a power cycle, all the data is lost. I tried with Turbo mode enabled and...
  3. F

    programming HELP!!

    I an trying to program my radio and our department has 2 channels for our fire ground one goes to the repeater and the other is a talk around channel which does not go to the repeater it is only line of sight. on our frequency listing it is 49 and 49 t/a with only one frequnecy. does anyone...
  4. C

    RadioShack Pro 528 newbie needs help w/ trunking

    I got a RadioShack Pro-528 triple trunking 1000 channel scanner some time ago and thought I had it porogramed. I got the PC cable and Scancat Lite with mr. Scanner .RSD databases. I chose what i wanted from the database and programmed it to my scanner, but the trunking systems aren't working...
  5. I

    PR1500 Programming Question

    I am trying to program a PR1500 to transmit a MDC at ptt, and decode a quickcall 2 tone on receive on the same channel. Any ideas??
  6. I

    bc60xlt-1 programming problems

    ive been online searching for days now and still have no luck getting my scanner to work. any ideas?