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  1. A

    P25 Programming HP2 and BCD436HP

    Hi! I will try to make this post as short as possible. Back in December I bought two Uniden scanners, a BCD436HP and a HomePatrol 2. I’ve since been trying to get them to work with a local police P25 system. With the help of the BCD436HP (and the FCC website) I was able to identify...
  2. A

    BCD436HP: P25 Programming

    Hi! First things first, I just started messing around with trunking, so total noob in this area. I bought a BCD436HP a few weeks ago, and I made a Custom Search, from frequencies 850Mhz to 868Mhz. I've noticed three different behaviors while searching: 1. On some frequencies, the...
  3. griffinks

    Programming 800MHz Union County

    I recently got a 800MHz scanner. I wanted to program the 800MHz channels for Union County NC that are Incorporated with Project25. I programmged the black in color channels from the list for Project25 in Union County. I want all Fire Ops and Events channels for Union County. When I programmed...