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  1. C

    TK-5710 Programming HELP

    Im am attempting to program my TK-5710 - V.3. I have the software KPG-95DG (K3)? After setting up the Com Port and attempting to read- the radio switches to "Program" as seen on the LCD screen and the computer thinks about it, but maintains 0/3259 Blocks... Then Error, Check the Connection...
  2. R

    396t and USB1 cable not working

    I know. . . another thread. I have been scouring through the forum looking for a solution to my problem, but can't seem to find it. Problem: I connect my 396t with a USB1 cable to a Win 7 machine. I've updated the PL2303 drivers, but for the life of me I cannot see the scanner. There are no...
  3. B

    BCD396xt Odd Freescan Problem.

    I have dug and dug and dug through the internet to find someone with the same problem as me, but most problems are so similar to mine, although different, I cannot find one helpful piece of information. I have a BCD396xt and want to program it with freescan(currently programmed by hand). I got...
  4. dustinrenz

    BCD296XT with FREESCAN and PROLIFIC Serial adapter Help

    I cannot seem to get freescan to connect. I installed a serial port on my PC and that works fine, but I want to run it off my laptop with the USB to serial adapter and cant seem to get it to work. The baud rates are all the same. I tried different rates, tried different ports. I downloaded and...