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  1. N

    Band opening on 12/2 & 12/3

    The past couple of mornings (lasting until noon on Monday) there have been two rather strong openings. In Oklahoma City, I was able to decode ~6 KSICS trunking channels. Not just one or two near the OK/KS border, but ones far away as Lawrence & Hays. City of Denton trunking I was hearing as well...
  2. w2xq

    X-flare may impact propagation Jul 14.

    Just got this which may affect propagation... and I would like to see aurora again at 40N. "EARTH-DIRECTED X-FLARE: Big sunspot AR1520 erupted on July 12th around 16:53 UT, producing an X-class solar flare and hurling a CME directly toward Earth. Forecasters expect the cloud to arrive on July...
  3. w2xq

    Add a forum group section - suggestion

    Wayne and others, please consider adding a "Space Weather and Radio Propagation" group topic (forum?) for threads related to space weather and radio propagation. My request derives from this http://forums.radioreference.com/hf-mw-lw-general-discussion/235279-solar-flare.html#post1719668 post...
  4. K

    vhf low red cross freqs

    Does the red cross still use the low band frequencies. If so, I'm thinking on days when six meters opens, if it opens during this Irene mess, I will try to receive some propagation, and that seems like something to listen for.