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  1. rvacs

    Most Popular Upgrades for Texas - NXDN/DMR/ProVoice

    Just wondering as I travel in Texas a bunch. What are the most important upgrades to get in Texas? Ex: SanAntonio uses ProVoice .. .... ..... When driving with GPS want to purchase upgrade(s) that are used the most for Public Safety (aka Police) Dallas/Ft. Worth area I know has a...
  2. H

    Provoice issues

    I have a Uniden BCD325p2 trunktracker with the provice update installed. When I import and upload the systems from the San Antonio/Bexar area. Specifically the Police frequencies (which use the EDAC Provoice) I don't receive any transmissions. Is there some basic function that I have...
  3. H

    BCD325p2 and EDACS Provoice

    I have a Uniden BCD325p2 trunktracker with the provice update installed. When I import and upload the systems from the San Antonio/Bexar area. Specifically the Police frequencies (which use the EDAC Provoice) I don't receive any transmissions. Is there some basic function that I have overlooked?
  4. C

    Does anyone use ProVoice or DMR in the Chattanooga area? Is it worth purchasing?

    Just curious if it is worth purchasing.
  5. SCPD

    Harrison county digital scanner online

    Looks like all of Harrison co is up and running. Sounds real good too. Harrison County Public Safety
  6. Barrygilnc

    ARC536 & ProVoice

    Can ARC536 be used to program a ProVoice system into the BCD436HP? I’ve installed the ProVoice upgrade to the scanner and have the latest version of ACR536. I couldn’t find an option in the software for ProVoice. Thank you.
  7. J

    If I buy a Harris radio used by Public Safety System, will I be able to listen?

    Or will I have to have the radio programmed? Because I Could just scan the 800 mHz band right? I am just wondering because it has a simple concept.
  8. N0GTG

    BCD436HP: ProVoice upgrade problem

    I bought the ProVoice upgrade yesterday, and installed the firmware update (1.10.02). I didn't notice that I also had to install a new version of Sentinel until I had already done the firmware update. It apparently installed properly, except for the ProVoice upgrade. Of course, now, the new...
  9. O

    BCDx36HP: ProVoice Update Is Availible

    The ProVoice/EDMAC update is availible: Info Link: ProVoice < UnidenMan4 < TWiki Upgrade Links: BCD436HPFirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki BCD536HPFirmwareUpdate < UnidenMan4 < TWiki Sentinel Update: BCD436HP < UnidenMan4 < TWiki There are additional steps to purchase the update. You have...
  10. V

    EDACS in Hampton Roads????

    Does anyone know if there is any gain in adding the new Provoice feature (for $50) for use on a 436hp in the Hampton Roads area? I could not find any systems (re:Pol, Fire, EMS, etc) that use this so thought I would ask some of the forum experts if it would be beneficial to add this? Thanks in...
  11. C

    question/help on ma com edacs

    I am in need of some help. My area is Harrisonburg city/Rockingham county Virginia. Years ago they changed to the EDACS PROVOICE. I know that no scanner can monitor this, I understand this. But I was considering buying a Harris p7170 radio with EDACS PROVOICE on it, with NO transmission...
  12. M

    St. Tammany Parish

    Hello I was wanting to know if STPSO and STFD will be switching to P25 anytime soon. I was also wanting to know if anyone would know which radio they would recommend to me in order to listen to ProVoice. PS: A guy from Harris told me that they were thinking of switching, but I haven't seen him...
  13. N

    Oklahoma City, OK - OK state auditor finds $850K of radios unused, in storage

    Oklahoma state auditor finds OKC has $850,000 in radios sitting in a storage facility | News OK "Oklahoma City has hundreds of police radios valued at more than $850,000 sitting in storage, state Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones said Tuesday."
  14. J

    Listening to Ottawa Police : radio recommandation

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice with purchasing a radio capable of listening to Ottawa Police. It is my understanding that they are using EDACS Provoice so am thinking that either an LPE-200 or Jaguar 700p could do the job. Anyone has any experience or advice? Thanks!!
  15. C

    DSD works on Mac

    I'm running Parallels on my MacBook Pro with Windows 7 installed, I've been able to get DSD to run. I went into System Preferences>Sound>Input. Then turned down the internal microphone (built in) completely & turned up the Line In (audio line in port or microphone in) all the way. Went back...
  16. screenersam


    so I hear Edacs systems will no longer be produced/sold, and will not be supported after 2017. So my county's unscannable Provoice for deputies will be no more :-) http://www.pspc.harris.com/media/ECR-7684A-EDACS%20to%20P25%20Migration-page%20by%20page-small_tcm27-11728.pdf the...
  17. F

    Unitrunker / BCD396XT / EDACS Standard- Low Decode Health

    Hopefully someone can help a newbie here.... I am trying to decode an EDACS Standard digital system in my local area. I am running Unitrunker connected to a BCD396XT through the serial port with a Uniden USB cable. I have the BAUD rate set to 115200 on both ends. Scanner has EDACS system...
  18. IC301

    Would USB "Sound Blaster X-Fi GO!" (SB1290) with DSD and a Netbook or Laptop work ?

    Would USB &quot;Sound Blaster X-Fi GO!&quot; (SB1290) with DSD and a Netbook or Laptop work ? Has anyone tried the "Sound Blaster X-Fi GO! Pro" (SB1290) http://us.creative.com/products/go.asp?product=20056 with a x86 Netbook (or less preferred, a Laptop) and DSD ? It is a USB Sound Blaster...
  19. S

    Henry County Edacs Digital

    I have 3 different Digital Trunking Scanners, Pro197, GRE and Uniden. I have WIN500, ARC500Pro and BCTools+. I can not hear any Digital groups. I hear the Analog groups with no problem. I am familiar with the 8 frequencies and the DEC and HEX ID's of the groups I am trying to monitor, but I can...
  20. Lebowski

    Albuquerque help

    Anyone that's successfully monitoring the Albuquerque / Bernalillo county ProVoice system? I am looking for guidance on an LPE-200 or a Jaguar set up if that's what I need to do. If you prefer to take this offline please let me know. Thanks,