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psr 500

  1. dugan

    Grecom psr-500 - No Regrets

    I live in Ontario, Canada and mostly listen to the OPP (P25). I decided to buy the Grecom psr-500. Friends told me not to waste my money, because the OPP would encrypt in the near future. I have used that radio almost daily for the past eight years. When I bought it, I figured that if they did...
  2. 1

    How to fix PSR-500, Pro-106, Pro-651 Keypad

    Just an informational post, if anyone has a scanner with a worn out keypad that won't register key hits, here is a video on how to repair them. Pretty easy and cheap! This should also be the same type of procedure for pretty much any handheld scanner. https://youtu.be/tr6Rteb97ng
  3. 1

    Can't Program PSR-500 To Save My Life - Help

    So i'm about fed up trying to program this scanner, i bought it used on eBay and also purchased an FTDI programming cable on eBay. It said it is the same as the RS 20-546 cable, just technically not the real radioshack branded one. I'm wondering if my issues are stemming from that... So i would...
  4. M

    PSR 500

    I am a newbie with the PSR 500. I apologize if this is covered on another thread. I ordered my unit last year with local programming from Scannermaster (Katy/Fort Bend County). The unit works fine on conventional channels, but I am not getting the trunked systems at all. I ordered the...
  5. J

    TWRA frequencies

    Anybody happen to know what frequencies the TWRA uses? I'm particularly interested in Hamilton and Meigs Counties. I have a PSR 500 so I should be able pick most any frequency.
  6. M

    GRE PSR-500 vs. GRE PSR-800 (Help Me Decide On GRE's Top 2))

    Hello Radio Reference'rs, I am somewhat new to the DIGITAL scanning world but not the old. I have been looking at the GRE PSR-500 and I was sold until I noticed the PSR-800 for just a few more bucks. Even the PSR-900 is coming soon but well skip that for now.. Now besides the obvious cosmetic...
  7. J

    Import CSV Files

    Does Win500 allow you to import csv files in the PSR500? New to this and became a member and I can import the files using the WEB IMPORT but haven't had success saving a file as a csv file and bringing it in the scan list. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. radioscan

    Digital Scanner Training Session

    The MONIX Digital Scanner Team (DST) will be conducting a Digital Scanner Cloning Training Session at 5:30PM on Tuesday (10/18) right after the regular weekly DST meeting. Meetings are held at the American Legion Post, 1100 Winton Road in Greenhills, 500 feet south of the Sharon Road...
  9. R

    GRE PSR-500 any good for me?

    OK, so I know what the PSR-500 is capable of in terms of trunking, digital modes, freq coverage and so on. However I have a hesitation about purchasing one based on my current experiences with a GRE made Radio Shack Pro 97. My concern centers around the sensitivity & selectivity. Here in...
  10. Northerner71

    Gre psr 500

    I was using my 500 the other night and there was a talkgroup user talking and I have it set up so a specific LED color comes on with a specific user. Anyways when I picked it up I accidentally pushed F3, which blacked out the scanner. The LCD worked but the LED and backlight went off. I got a...
  11. Northerner71

    PSR 500 Radio ID's

    Is there any way to rename the radio ID's that show up on the scanner? I would like to change the radio ID number to what it actually is, for example a dispatch radio. They seem to always use the same four radio ID's so instead of seeing radio ID 10970 I would like it to show Radio ID...
  12. Northerner71

    Psr 500

    I was just wondering, what is the difference between boot version 1.0 and 1.4? I have a 1.0 and have to use the first update, am I missing things because I do not have the 1.4 version? I had zero problems updating my 500, download was sweet and easy, I just read the few lines of instruction (...
  13. P

    Offutt APCO

    I purchased a GRE PSR-500. Monitoring OPD and Fire is great. However, the Offutt system is just mainly a silent signal. I remember this vaguely in the past with other scanners. I'm using the Win500 software to program the psr500...what should I do? Is it scrambled? Sometimes maintenance...
  14. Northerner71

    Need assistance for a freq.

    I was using the tune feature on my 500 and I came across some "computer" noise. It sounds like the same tones over and over. The frequency is 36.0500 mhz. Would this be a pager system? I thought they only broadcasted when a page was sent. This is constant. I am up in Northern Ontario 300...
  15. Scan-Denver

    Numbered Memory Locations

    Hey guys, Question about the 500/600. Are the memory locations numbered ? Say for instance you want your scanner to switch to a certain talkgroup, is it possible while in non-scan mode to use the key pad to switch to the memory location for that talkgroup? Similarly like you can on...