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  1. D

    Psr import conventional Freq trouble

    I'm going to buy the PSR software for my ws1065 but have a small problem and I know the fix has to be easy. When I try and upload conventional Freqs I hit import and the next screen pops up and says your last chance to edit them. I can't all the scan lists and other options are greyed out. Any...
  2. alfonzo1955

    Need Cheap Scanner for UniTrunker

    I need a cheap scanner that can listen on 800MHz and is able to be hooked up to UniTrunker so it can drive my PSR-310 to listen to ProVoice. Any ideas? Cheap Scanner -> UniTrunker -> PSR-310 -> DSD
  3. WVFC80

    Choosing a new scanner....

    I am in the market looking for a new scanner and I have my choices narrowed down to the Uniden BCT15X or the GRE PSR 410. I live in central PA and I mostly listen to conventional systems with 1 or 2 LTR systems as well. I would like to hear a few opinions on these scanners as well as which one...
  4. J

    PSR-500 Garbled Audio Question

    Hey guys, I just bought a GRE PSR-500 and on some of my digital station it comes in very garbled and I hardly can hear them talking.. On my Michigan State Police station it comes in perfectly clear... It has the same trunking as my Allegan County station (Garbled one). Is this a Signal issue...
  5. W

    Attenuation level for PSR-500?

    Is it possible to change the amount of applied attenuation for the PSR-500? The default is 20 decibels, but can I change this? If so, how do I do it?
  6. tbr281

    PSR 310 Control Channel/ Static Interference?

    Hi im new to Trunking, I got me the PSR 310 and works great! I manually programmed all the control channels and left the ID on Wiildcard so it can scan the entire talk group... its all fine but every so often it lands on these frequencies that are all static that would last a few seconds and...
  7. A

    The Radio Company

    Hey I thought I'd let everyone know that The Radio Company (theradiocompany.com) is still offering discounted pricing on the GRE PSR 500 ($20 discount) to Radio Reference Members. I should be receiving mine before the end of the week!