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  1. K

    XTS2500 PTT

    How does one go about replacing the XTS2500 PTT? I have a BN 2500 with a PTT that cracked right in the middle and I want to replace it. The issue isn't finding the replacement part, it's how to get it in. From what I can tell it has 4 'fins' in each corner that hold it in place. How you you...
  2. R

    RoIP - Consumer Use

    Hey there, Does anyone know of a commercial solution for PTT radio that utilizes Radio over Internet Protocol? I am thinking this would be a great 'low tech' solution that could allow my kids to be able to talk to their friends in a different city, without the need for a smart phone. Hopefully...
  3. A

    XTL P25 PTT Sidetone

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if it is possible to have some type of sidetone on an XTL when talking on a P25 Conventional channel. On the conventional channels, we use the MDC pre sidetone. Is there anything like this for a P25 conventional channel? I know you can use the "clear beep" in the...
  4. S

    PTT/Devices/Carrier - Digital 2-way

    Hello Apologize if I am in the wrong place, but I am in need for some information. I have been looking for a dependable 'life safety" communications solution in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Over the last year I have been testing out PTT, conventional and digital radios I looked at Motorola...
  5. C

    VX-231, VX-351 How to Dismantle

    Hi all, Could anyone provide me with some help on our to dismantle a 231 or 351. I have one of each that needs the PTT button replacing. The black cover plus the silicone cover underneath. Regards
  6. K

    Regency HR 25

    I need help wiring the microphone phonoplug for a Regency HR 25 FM 2 meter transceiver. This is a Tip, Ring, Sleeve plug. I assume one of the contacts is for the PTT button.
  7. M

    need help with Motorola GP68

    hi people I have just brought a Motorola GP of eBay, now i have never had a radio like this before, only one like a cheap standard 8 channel pre programmed frequencies radio, i have followed a couple of guides to set up the unit but im having a problem where i constantly get a noise when turned...
  8. I

    Surplus Bowman Headset to PTT to Motorola single pin (TLKR / Talkabout) connector?

    Hi people-more-learned-than-me, what I want to do is rewire a British Army surplus Bowman Headset like this: Uploaded with ImageShack.us ...to a large PTT button like this: ...and the correct connector for Motorola TLKR T series handsets like this: ...to end up with something like this: ...
  9. bReed11091

    Motorola Radios with PTT Sidetone

    I brought up this question before but I didn't really know how to word it. From my research (Batboard • View topic - HT1000 Talk Permit Tone on Conventional, IT CAN BE DONE!) I've found that the HT1000 can be programmed to have a PTT Sidetone, or a Talk Permit Tone (TPT). What other...