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  1. J

    L-Tac1 - Minnesota

    Could someone please tell me what the frequency is for L-tac1 so I can program it in? Thanks in advance!
  2. Freqed

    Multi Agency Pursuit 11/04

    Last night Claremore PD started a pursuit that ended up in Tulsa. They asked for help from OHP as the pursuit left their area. OHP joined in as did Catoosa, not sure about TPD ever being involved other than Police 1 (copter) or TCSO, I was listening to OHP when it came about and it ended in...
  3. dw2872

    CSP 5B Pursuit, trooper rammed, TBI ended with crash

    At 1913 (7:13pm) this evening I heard State Patrol on MAC-11 ending a quick pursuit where the driver rammed the trooper's vehicle and then they conducted a TBI (a PIT maneuver) and the suspect crashed at mile post 276. Only the last part was broadcast on MAC-11 when they went into emergency...
  4. K

    CHP Pursuit of an alleged gangbanger ends in North Hollywood

    I took this vid last night, with my scanner in my hand for the audio... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucuLmv51Byg
  5. L

    Wimauma Bank Robbery

    HCSO in pursuit of white male who robbed a bank and fired shots in Wimauma. Aviation & K9 enroute.
  6. cfr301

    Pursuit Allen Putnam & Hancock Counties

    Been Going on since 11:30pm or so, Tires flattened pursuit stopped in Hancock County Shots FIREd According to traffic suspect is down! Check Archives below. http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?action=wp&feedId=188
  7. cfr301

    Wild Police Chase ALLEN County Ohio

    A Wild pursuit in Progress In Allen County Ohio, Vehicle has been in Lima Twice, Agencies chasing Female driving a car with One flat Tire in the front Speeds over 80 MPH Now Into Hardin County Ohio OSP is now the only agency involved at this time. Rick Listen Here... Allen County, Ohio...
  8. brandon

    Televised Pursuit U-Haul Truck

    W/B I-10 at La Brea Ave @ 80 MPH, Los Angeles area CHP 42.340 Video: MyFox Los Angeles | Fox 11 News | KTTV