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  1. C

    QCII Pager Channel on XPR 3550

    I am attempting to put a pager channel for a Long-B tone on my XPR-3550. I have done this before with HT1250's with no problems but can't figure this out. I have the tone setup in QC Section but when I Choose "AND" under signal squelch I can still hear ALL traffic. When I did this with the...
  2. T

    APX QCII programming issue(s)

    Good morning all. I am having trouble with getting an APX8000XE to actually alert in a QCII mode selected channel. The radio display gets brighter when a tone set is decoded, but no actual alert tone. I know I am missing something simple. I have been able to keep up fairly well with most...
  3. Q

    [HT1250] Any way to increase max no. of signaling systems?

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but a cursory search didn't turn anything up. Looks like the maximum number of systems per signaling type is four on the HT1250's. As the title states, wondering if there's any way to increase this limit? Particularly interested in adding several...
  4. 6

    VX-354 Tone decode issue

    Hello all... I am wondering if anyone has ran into a problem with the VX-354 decoding QCII properly. Here's my issue: A local rural department has several VX-354 VHF radios. They are having issues with the radios not decoding the fire tones & alerting. Part of their issue is indeed spotty...
  5. M

    QCII Motorola XTS5000

    Hey everyone, I have a question to ask about setting QCII on the XTS5000. Back a few years one of the ambulance corps where i volunteered had HT1000 and we used them as our radio and pager. You would be able to use the ABC selector switch as to switch from alerting to tones as A setting was to...
  6. L

    Tolland County Fire/EMS Tones

    Is there anyone that has, and would be willing to send me, the tone out tones for Tolland county? Specifically I am looking for the Vernon tones, but would take all available. Just want to be able to set the tones in my BCD-996t to keep the thing from keeping me up all night. The Minitor just...