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quick call

  1. M

    Quick-Call Paging of P25 in Delaware County

    Has anyone successfully set up a Unication G4/G5 with Quick-Call Paging for monitoring fire/EMS units using the COIRS 800 MHz system in Delaware County? Thanks
  2. L

    QC Tones for Shelton?

    Hey there. Anybody know what the quick call tone frequencies are for City of Shelton FD fire company paging? Thanks
  3. M

    Paging QC-II with MDC ID

    Hello everyone, Hoping somebody here could assist me with how to approach this in the XTS CPS. Currently operating a XTS5000 with the latest CPS and FPP firmware. I'm looking to create one personality with my MDC ID that will also page out a single QC-II page for the system im currently...
  4. D

    Motorola HT1250 signaling question

    Hi to all of you! I have 2x HT1250 radios and despite all the efforts I cannot program them to: 1. call eachother when I pres a call-designated button (so not at the beginning or the end of PTT, it is anoying to do that all the time) 2. have an ID listed on the screen when the call is received...
  5. SlipNutz15

    PSR600 cuts out during pager tones

    I've noticed that certain quick call pager tones get cut out halfway through the second tone while others I can hear the entire tone. What's the deal?
  6. B

    Help with Programming bct15x

    I am having issues with programming. I would like to only scan on system at a time and have the ability to scan other systems only. can it be done and how? example- I want to only scan my ucan system but have the ability to scan my work LTR system only or another system only. I don't want it to...
  7. M

    Ht1250 quick call

    When my page goes on on my ht1250 it plays the alert sound but doesn't play the pager after it just goes back to silent. does anyone know how to have a call received button? so when you hit it the tone stops and the page plays
  8. M

    Minitor Tones Decoder

    Would it be possible if i sent an audio clip of my pager paging and you could give me the information such as the type of tone, how long, etc stuff like that it would be very helpful
  9. R

    Motorola XTS5000 VHF Quick Call II

    I have a motorola XTS5000 VHF quick call II that has quick call signalling on 3 channels. I want to scan these three channels with the channel closed (waiting on valid QC II tone set) but the channel is open when it scans but closed on the channel when not on scan. How can I change it to...