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  1. Radioman96p71

    Marshall County 700MHz P25 System

    It appears a new 700MHz P25 system has gone online in Marshalltown this past week. Right now it is just patching the Tech Ops group from EDACS. I'll post more info as it appears. It is running in Phase 2 mode. Current system info: CC: 769.29375 WACN: 9249A NID: 06A Site: 0x0A NAC: 0x0A...
  2. M

    City of Rock Island

    The beginning of Rock Island's move to RACOM has begun. Fire Dispatch is 1591 Fireground 1592 I believe this last full time department with multiple stations to move to 800 trunking in Northwest IL. There are a couple of smaller ones that have two or three stations are still on VHF.
  3. R

    Polk County SO Racom Radio ID's list

    I have been making a spreadsheet of radio id's on the Polk County Sheriff Racom system. I have id's for the Sheriff's office, PD's and FD's. I am not sure how I would post the list so that it could be updated but at this point I have over 500 id's logged. If anyone is interested please let me know.
  4. SCPD

    Polk Co Fire RACOM talk groups

    While monitoring my local fire and rescue frequency today I heard the dispatcher explain to our ambulance crew they could no longer communication with Altoona because Altoona no longer has our radio frequency and mutual aid communications are no longer possible so they used the phone now! So I...
  5. Ebenge

    Racom Programming

    I am trying to figure out how to program RACOM site and towers on my scanner. I guess I am not really understanding how to do each site. Anyone from here in Iowa that can help me.