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radio communications

  1. radioguy224

    Looking For New Milford Sewer Commission WPCA frequencies

    Looking for help with this 155.05500 Because when I look this up it’s says city of milford waster water Looking for the correct frequency for New Milford Ct
  2. radioguy224

    school transportation radio frequencies

    the following list below i am looking for the school transportation frequencies so i can update the database looking for the frequencies and pl and DPL and NAC and DMR tones NEWTOWN BRIDGEWATER MONROE WASHINGTION WOODBURY kent
  3. B

    Metrocrest Quad Cities

    I was wondering how long it takes to get the database updated? I'm a CPA/COP member here in Coppell. Coppell has switched over to the digital P25 Metrocrest Quad Cities system and are no longer using the analog system. All I can hear now is the automated dispatch system. Metrocrest Quad Cities...
  4. SCPD

    Where Will Scanning Be In The Future?

    Where Will Scanning Be In The Future?
  5. D

    New Duplex Repeater in Rowlett!

    Just to let anyone in Rowlett know that I just setup my Repeater. 467.72500 - Transmit Frequency 467.55000 - Receive Frequency Also, does anyone know if I could hook up my repeater setup just to 1 antenna? I saw an image online of a duplex repeater using 1 antenna. Is that possible? Thanks...
  6. Danny37

    Comprehensive list of jobs that involve radios

    I see that many people here are intrigued by radios and radio related technology so I want to put a thread that listed careers involving radio communication and radio related technology. For example, Fire dispatcher, cab/limo driver and police officer. Theses job titles can be part time, full...