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radio scanner

  1. H

    Question about radio scanner in a basement

    I live in a basement apartment of a Single family home. The foundation is cinder block and underground I live in an urban area fwiw. I rent so an outdoor antenna is not possible due to landlord. Even a hacked something would be difficult as I cant just drill through cinder block without owner...
  2. B

    MyScanner - New android app

    Hi guys, Just released my latest app, MyScanner. You can download it on Google Play I appreciate if you guys could help me make it better by giving some feedback. Thanks.
  3. G

    Need help programming my scanner (radio shack pro-64)

    I can use the basic functions however I can't get it to work with smartzone II. Can anyone help me this scanner? I will even pay you.
  4. T

    Searching For Audio Recording/Playback Software For My Radio Scanner

    I would like to learn what software everyone is using to record scanner transmissions, to quickly replay the address of a dispatch that is missed because of background noise or multiple scanners all talking at once. My goal is to find a simple piece of software that would allow me 'quick...