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radio shack pro-106

  1. G

    New Jersey Programmers??Anywhere??

    I have had a Radio Shack Pro-106 for about a year and have not had the patience to program it. Does anyone know someone in New Jersey that will program a scanner for a fee? I don't mind paying if they know how to do it. Thanks for any advice.
  2. J

    Help reloading Pro 106 V-Scanner

    I bought a used Radio Shack Pro 106 from eBay, it is in great shape and it seems to function like new. The only problem is with the pre-programmed V-Scanner frequencies and its settings. When I try to load one from the V-Scan memory to the main memory it says there's an error and there are no...
  3. K

    Strong signal but skipping?

    Why would an otherwise clear-sounding transmission be skipping out every other second when I have full signal strength? The scanner is a Radio Shack PRO106. I'm using the RS 20-006 telescoping whip antenna opened up to five sections. The frequencies that skip tend to be from Portsmouth, NH...
  4. T

    PRO-106 and one frequency / multi-CTCSS tones

    I have a PRO-106 and am using Win500 V01.82. A frequency using a CTCSS tone signals that there is another user or potential user of that frequency. Whenever SEARCH discovers a TONE and I SAVE the frequency/tone pair, there is a nagging thought about what future pairs will be missed. As an...
  5. U

    Sioux Falls Dispatch Tones

    On my scanner I have the FIRE and EMS that I listen to the most on it. And when the EMS gets called out the dispatch tone goes off for them. But on the fire channel it doesn't. I know they use the same tones on it to dispatch out the fire and ambulances. Is there a way I can fix this at all to I...