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radio shack pro-197

  1. B

    Pro-197 Programming Help Please

    Hi to all, just bought the Pro-197 for my dad as Christmas gift, I also purchased the Arc500 software and USB programming cable. Straight out of the box, I downloaded the USB drivers and my conventional channels, screwed up on the second try with the software and did not get the trunked...
  2. Paintball4life

    Radio Shack Pro 197 Audio Problem?

    Seeing that Radio Shack lowered the price of their digital scanners I decided to buy a new Pro 197 and I love it. But sometimes when a transmission comes through on a channel I can hear the person talking very quietly then the audio gets louder and more understandable. I searched through the...
  3. H

    Westmoreland County PA

    Bought a Radio Shack Pro-197, loaded the V-scanner folder for Westmoreland County but don't seem to have all the transmissions and what I do get is mostly broken up and cut off even though signal meter says I'm getting a very strong signal. Any ideas?