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radio shack

  1. W

    Radio Shack Scanner

    I lost my software disc for a Radio shack pro 18.. can anyone help with a link or a solution? Also, I have a Radio Shack Pro 668 that I may need to send in for repairs. I cannot access the card, and I need the driver to use with windows 10. thanks for any help, Tom W8TJD
  2. J

    Spartanburg scanner help

    Is a RADIOSHACK PRO-2096 DIGITAL Scanner compatible to receive Spartanburg so and ems?
  3. M

    Pro-106: USB Cord Driver

    Hello guys!! I'm just getting started with my radio and already learning a lot by reading around in here! I dug for information for my problem but I'm not seeing an answer. If I overlooked it, feel free to kick me in the shin and say "look at this link, dummy" :D I have a Pro-106 and I...
  4. K7MFC

    Realistic Patrolman 3A

    I picked up a new (old) radio today - a Realistic Patrolman 3A: I was browsing the RadioReference forums a while ago and came across some pictures of a similar model. After reading more about the Realistic Patrolman line of receivers, the search was on - I had to have one! After a few weeks...
  5. H

    Pro-668 Com Port issue

    Has anyone with this scanner had the com port fail? Used to be anytime I plugged in my 668 to the computer the led light on the scanner would stay on all the time, It was programed to do that under settings. Now when I plug in the scanner to the computer the scanner led never comes on and when I...
  6. W8HDU

    RS Pro-106 Power Connector

    Does anyone know for certain the specications for the power plug which goes into the side of the radio? It appears that it's a 4mm barrel, but I'm unsure of the center pin. Manual doesn't say. I'm trying to make a custom power cable for my radio.
  7. W8HDU

    RS Pro-197 Remanufacture

    The Dayton Hamvention is over, and I heard two guys talking mobile to mobile on 146.52 as they drive home about someone possibly picking up the Pro-197 and making them again. I gathered from the conversation there was some sort of discussion at the Hamvention. I sat this year out. This...
  8. W

    Help Understanding what to do with ID/Freqs

    Good morning, first off I want to thank everyone that have given me so must help on here. Ive bought a new PRO 652. Im trying to understand how digital trunking scanners are programmed. Im working with Monroe/Union county NC which changed to a digital trunking system recently. 15 years ago I...
  9. B

    Pro 164 problems

    Im only a casual scanner user. Bought the pro164 mostly for races,but I enjoy listening to the local bands. I had no problems with picking up our local PD on a trunked Motorola system. I heard that they upgraded, now I'm unable to pick them up at all. I read that the scanner firmware is...
  10. S

    Newbie with Radio Shack Pro-84 help me understand why it interrupts every few seconds

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie with scanners and I realy appreciate some help from anyone, my main issue is that the radio transmission is interrupting every 2 - 3 seconds for about half second, even if I pressed the hold button to stay on the frequency selected. I have attached a photo of the radio...
  11. 1

    Radio shack pro-651

    when I turn on my scanner, THE RADIOSCHACK PRO- 651 , all I get is : " up BootVer:RF1.5 uP App Ver: NONE CP U SW Upgrade Wait for PC/ IF ". Because it is my understanding there is no firm ware updates for the pro 651, what do i do ?
  12. SCPD

    Trouble Receiving 800mhz

    I just purchased the st-2 antenna and have mounted it to the roof of my house probably near 30 feet high. The st-2 works great on receiving conventional frequencies both close by and further away. The issue i have is that anything on the 800 band will not come in. At the best the scanner will...
  13. Northerner71

    Radio Shack SUCKS!!

    Bought a 651 on EBay and there is no firmware installed. Called Radio shack a total of 15x and each time I mention the firmware is missing they hang up!!!! Really!!!! Offer me some help, tell me to send it in and they will fix it have some kind of customer support, NOPE just hang up. Any...
  14. SCPD

    pro2053 using win93 software help

    I got the win93 scanner software fpr the pro 2053. I went and got the radio shack cable for it (20 466) and also the 3 dll files for the win93. I installed the driver from the cd and the port is 15. I set the port to 15 in the win93 and when I try to read the scanner it says timed out waiting...
  15. M

    Pro-106 & Raspberry Pi setup

    I am looking into a winter project and was considering using a pro-106, win500 and raspberry pi as a packable monitor and logging set up. Was wondering if somebody has experience doing this and if it was worth the effort or was there a better option there? what flavor of Linux for the pi? the...
  16. kearthfan101

    Whistler vs Radio Shack

    WS1010- $140 vs PRO-649- $100 WS1025- $140 vs PRO-650- $100 WS1040- $600 vs PRO-651- $400 WS1065- $600 vs PRO-652- $400 As far as I can tell, aren't the Whistler models identical spec-wise to the Radio Shack ones? If this is the case, why the outrageous price difference? What's so special...
  17. T

    Scanning in Peel

    Hello, I am interested in scanning in Peel. I would like to know if anyone know the freqs for Peel Police, Peel EMS, Peel Fire. My scanner is a Radio Shack 150 Channel Direct Entry Programable Scanner
  18. M

    *Radio Shack Store Closing Thread* All posts about Radio Shack closing go here.

    RadioShack Is Falling Apart The ship continues to sink as RadioShack sales tumble. Local radio stations have had another grim forecast for RS over the past couple days. Yet somehow RS continues to hold on. How much longer can this last? RadioShack Is Falling Apart (RSH)
  19. gmclam

    RadioShack in Talks to Bolster Finances

    The 94-year-old company lost $139 million last year and has struggled to keep up as electronics retailing shifted to the Web and consumer tastes changed. RadioShack in Talks to Bolster Finances - WSJ.com
  20. Danny37

    Lost battery pack for pro-97, where can I buy one?

    I lost the 4x AA battery case that you put into the scanner. I can't seem find it online, can anyone point me to the right direction. Links will be awesome if possible. I have a RadioShack pro-97 triple trunking scanner.