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  1. SCPD

    Rankin County Fire VHF Information

    Okay, after doing some testing and research within rankin county's dispatch system I have figured something out. The VHF channel that is listed as a "fire paging" channel in the database is sorta true sorta not. One of 5 dispatch consoles rankin county sheriffs office has actually is set up...
  2. scott

    Rankin county sporadic reception in metro Jackson

    My Uniden BCD996XT was receiving Rankin 800MHz county fine until a few weeks ago (stopped working right sometime between August 1 and September 1). Am I the only one having this problem? FYI - I provide the Rankin county feed online and that BCT8 scanner receives fine BUT it is analog only as...
  3. L

    Need help with frequencies for Rankin County Fire...

    Hello all, I am new to the site, and extremely new to radios in general. I'm a Volunteer Firefighter in Rankin County, and would like a cheap solution to my radio-lacking problem. However, I've got to know it can be programmed to the frequencies I will need. I know I will need general EOC Fire...