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  1. K7MFC

    Realistic Patrolman 3A

    I picked up a new (old) radio today - a Realistic Patrolman 3A: I was browsing the RadioReference forums a while ago and came across some pictures of a similar model. After reading more about the Realistic Patrolman line of receivers, the search was on - I had to have one! After a few weeks...
  2. M

    Realistic TRC-99C

    Okay, so I looked for a spot for other radio stuff, and finally decided to post here. I have a pair of Realistic (RadioShack brand in the 70's) and I was just wondering if anyone had any basic specs on them. What i would like to know really is how many volts do i need to charge them, and how...
  3. C

    1989 Realistic PRO-2024

    Hey all, Just found an old PRO-2024 in our attic. It only works on conventional analog frequencies, is there any way to modify it to use it with EDACS trunked systems? Thanks, Here's what it looks like: http://i40.tinypic.com/2a9662s.jpg On another note, anyone know any conventional...
  4. B

    Realistic Scanner Pro-53 Patrolman scanning Receiver

    I want to start out to thank for everyone that will end up taking time to read this and give any kind of helpful input on my question. I have a family friend that has a Realistic Scanner Pro-53 Patrolmen Scanning Receiver from Radio Shack. The Model # is 20-122 She was at my house the other...
  5. S

    Realistic pro 78 scanner help!!

    Hi..I am new to this forum and to scanners really..I was given a realistic pro78 scanner receiver with no antenna or instruction manual...I have searched for both and have had little luck in finding the manual...and am sooo new on how to work with one. Anyone have any ideas...also does it have...
  6. N

    Help ID extensive pro 2006 modifications please.

    Can anyone help me identify what visible modifications you suspect are done to this this scanner that was on ebay.... S-meter (x2?) Descrminiator out detachable power cable the rest I am lost on 2 rheostat 3 toggle switches 1 momentary switch LCD screen on top Highly Modified Pro 2006 for...
  7. scansomd

    Do you any information on this item?

    I purchased this pager transmitter in a yard sale for $1.00. I figured for a dollar, I couldn't go wrong. I can't seem to find any information on it other than the two URL's below...