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  1. L

    WS1088: Record audio and antenna

    2 questions i have a ws-1088 and finally have figured out how to program it and set up my groups, the radio is working great, but i am still trying to figure out how to record on a certain channel, if anyone could help me with that, that would be great. Also looking for a better antenna than...
  2. connah

    BCD436HP: Replay Mode Displays Incorrect UIDs, Offset by -1.

    Hi all. I am new to the forums so please forgive me if I have missed an existing thread on this topic and point me in the right direction. I think I have discovered a bug in firmware version 1.11.31 (latest as of this posting). When replaying audio, be it recorded or buffered, the UID displayed...
  3. O

    [BATCH] Record Scanner Audio

    Hi all! The problem I was having I've been having trouble recording dispatch audio at regular intervals for archiving purposes. I wasn't too keen on VOX type recording as Audacity has a really good feature to do that. My issue was I wanted 24/7 recording of audio and to create directories and...
  4. C

    BCT15X: Recording: Issues with IAC implementation

    Hello all, I have a BCT15X that I have hooked up to a Windows 7 laptop to stream my local frequencies. I would like to start recording my channels but am running into issues. When I open my "Scan Control" app and open the program options section it tells me there is an issue with my computers...
  5. Q

    Sequencing Simultaneous Talkgroup Transmissions in order?

    I've done all manner of Google , forum/RR and SDR related searches for this but have come up with nothing. I've heard several BC feeds that receive a ton of talkgroups or maybe even a mix of conventional and digital transmissions, and they somehow record the whole mess and then streams them out...
  6. I

    Switching SERIAL to MASS without shut off the scanner?

    Is there a trick to switch or change between SERIAL MODE and MASS STORAGE MODE without shutting off the BCD536HP and then turn on again? I mean using software commands or next updating firmware? Is there a mode to select when you record only one or some TGID, or system, or department. I see...
  7. I

    BCD536HP: Audio Recording Problems / Clipping

    Hello All, Having some recording issues with my BCD536HP. I use it to record scanner audio to the SD card for later review. When listening to it live, the audio is fine, but when I go back to the recordings, the first second or two are clipped off of most files. Here are some examples...
  8. W

    Radio recording through audio-in port

    I would like to connect a radio to my audio-in/mic port on my soundcard and have it record (preferably with timestamp) whenever the radio receives a transmission. In other words I don't want to be recording a whole bunch of dead air also. Any recommendations?
  9. A

    BCD536HP Audio Record Playback Metadata

    I have been extensively using the record function to assign unit IDs (UID) but about 20% of the time it is not showing the UID of the transmitting station. In addition, another 10% of the time the UID is showing up on the on the transmission following audio sample. Needless to say this is not...
  10. T

    Getting audio from your SDR to a program on the same PC (picture heavy)

    First things first, I am not a computer guy, I am a hardware guy (mostly tube type), what follows is just what I have noticed and found to work. I make no claims to being any kind of expert, just a sometimes frustrated user that might have encountered the same kind of problems as other users...
  11. parnass

    new Radio Shack desktop digital recorder

    (Note: This is not intended as a product review.) Radio Shack has a new product of interest to scanner hobbyists. They call it a "Desktop Digital Recorder" (model # 1400214). Think of it as a modern, solid state replacement for their traditional VOX (voice activated) cassette tape recorders...
  12. bballjh

    Upload your interesting recordings here for free

    Upload your recordings for free on my site =] I made an upload form on my website. Very simple and very basic. But you can upload you recordings for free and share the url with others so that we can all here the exciting things that are going on in other places. Let me know what you think and...