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  1. C

    BCT15X: Recording: Issues with IAC implementation

    Hello all, I have a BCT15X that I have hooked up to a Windows 7 laptop to stream my local frequencies. I would like to start recording my channels but am running into issues. When I open my "Scan Control" app and open the program options section it tells me there is an issue with my computers...
  2. J

    Trunking Recorder Webserver

    I have Trunking Recorder successfully running with Unitrunker + Airspy .....It is recording 4 VCO's at once with no problems. I can view / listen to recordings locally. My question deals with the Webserver portion. I have the Webserver port at 8080 - I have opened the port in my firewall - I...
  3. K

    arc500pro stops writing audio files

    Does anyone know what might be causing my ARC500PRO software to stop writing the audio files to disk? The DELL XPS running Windows 8.1 continues to feed the audio through the speakers and the software continues to make a new folder for each passing hour but the folders are empty. It might...
  4. W

    Audio Recorder Sangean DAR-101

    I recently purchased from Amazon a Sangean DAR-101 Digital Audio recorder and a 32GB SD Card for a little over $100. I'm very please, connected to Uniden BC895XLT via the line out of the scanner. (the recorder also has a built in mic and connections for external mic). The recorder has what Hams...
  5. parnass

    new Radio Shack desktop digital recorder

    (Note: This is not intended as a product review.) Radio Shack has a new product of interest to scanner hobbyists. They call it a "Desktop Digital Recorder" (model # 1400214). Think of it as a modern, solid state replacement for their traditional VOX (voice activated) cassette tape recorders...
  6. S

    Scanner Recorder

    I attempted to visit davee.com to get Scanner Recorder but says "This Account Has Been Suspended". Anyone know how to get ahold of him? Does SRPRO auto-start? Are there auto-start command line switches?