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recording a scanner

  1. S

    Where is the problem?

    Hello everyone! I have a problem. Yesterday I started to record my Uniden bc125at scanner with scanner recorder program. ( using scanner headphone jack, cable like this 3.5mm jack to rca - , and adapter 3.5mm jack to rca - to connect to scanner ), but there's one problem- noise. (example, starts...
  2. G

    How Do You Stream On Your Own Website

    Hello Everyone. I've always wanted to be able to broadcast the transmissions of my local emergency agencies, but never had the time to learn how to do it. Work and life had a bad habit of getting in the way. I recently retired and have decided to pursue this goal. Here's what I'l like to do...
  3. videophotogr

    Record audio like Tivo or DVR?

    It's happened to all of us, we are talking or just distracted on a call on the scanner that turned out to be important...but we didn't get the address or important details. Is there a software program that will allow my computer to act like a Tivo or DVR? What I want to do is pause and/or...
  4. J

    Vox to File claims to record in MP3, But How??

    I'm using VoxToFile v.2.0.2 It works fin except for a few short comings. when you click on recordig control it brings up the windows record setting thing, BS- WTF. The biggest issues with the V2F software is it can't be told to record in any format other than wave. It says you can, but it don't...
  5. J

    how do I record a scanner

    I am new to this whole thing and need some advice. What I want to do is purchase a scanner and by using my computer record Denver Police Departments District 1 channel. Please if anyone has any advice about how to do this or the equipment I will need I would greatly appriciate it. Jeff