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  1. N

    Crystal options for old ham gear like Regency HR-2B?

    Have most people dropped their old gear like the Regency HR-2Bs? I got this radio fairly cheap and is my only 2m radio. I was wondering if I can get it working with the local club repeater. Unluckily, don't have the right crystals. I'm wondering what I can do to deal with not having crystals...
  2. R

    Old Regency ACT R 106 only NOAA

    Just joined today as I just got my first scanner yesterday. It is the old Regency ACT R 106 model. I am able to receive the local NOAA weather broadcast on the last/most furthest right indicator only. The other nine produce nothing other than the squelch noise(?). Any help would greatly be...
  3. RadioGuy1951

    Regency MX3000 AC power supply

    Does anybody know what voltage the AC power adaptor supplies...??? I have an old MX3000, but the manual doesn't say and I have several AC wallwarts...
  4. J

    Need help with older scanner

    I have a 1980 Regency Touch ACT-K100 scanner that my dad used to use when he lived in PA.He has since passed and now I have it. I want to sell it but I want to be sure it works first. I don't know anything about police scanners and it's only an interest when I hear a siren driving by. It has an...
  5. IBM

    1979 Regency Touch K100 Scanner Review

    The Regency Touch K100 (Model ACT-T-K100) http://www.radiopics.com/Regency/Photos/Regency_Touch%20K100.jpg was manufactured by Regency Electronics Inc. in 1979, its primary audience were the public safety officials that needed a programmable scanner with basic features at an affordable price...
  6. K

    Regency HR-28 2 meter

    I recently acquired a Regency HR-28 transceiver at a ham fest; unfortunately the power cord did not accompany this purchase. Though this is a mobile unit I would like to use it in my home. Please advise on setting up this transceiver. p.s. forgive my ignorance as I am new to amateur radio
  7. 1

    Regency R 1090 search function help

    I ran across this scanner and wanted to set it up and use it. I have little to no experience in setting up, programming, or the language used to describe the features on a scanner. Can anyone direct me to a free user manual to the r 1090? Or simply indicate the procedure for setting the range...