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repeater info

  1. kb6aok_1125

    Bypassing the busy-tone? Want to hear LASD deputies angelic voices all the time.

    Not to be a felonious terrorist but... So I have been experimenting with input freqs, receive only input freqs, in an effort to try and catch those oscillating radio waves before SCC, but to no avial, I am having issues. Is it possible to somehow catch airwaves coming from the field deputies...
  2. M

    Lawrence KS - Complete Frequency List PD

    Hey anyone out there know the complete list and names of what they show up on the radios for Lawrence Douglas County KS Police frequencies, both the transmission and receive frequencies for the repeaters as well and any other info about the trunking system available. or can anyone point me to a...
  3. I

    IDAS pre-buy questions

    After a few weeks, we had very good testing results w iCOM digital HTs (ICF4161D) at the local office. Exceptional audio clarity in digital simplex mode compared to when we step back to the analogue world repeaters. So the boss said it's time to step up to IDAS Repeaters! Btw, the digital...
  4. T

    7 Mile Ridge Repeater Site

    Hello Fellow Radio Folks, I'm wondering if any of you would know the whereabouts of the 7 Mile Ridge Repeater Site. I was out for a drive last night and saw a radio tower located in Saint Arthur, which is about 9.5 Km SW of Campbellton, NB. I had a hunch that it may be it, being the large...
  5. bReed11091

    Michigan Skywarn Repeater Information

    I've looked for callsigns for these repeaters in several different places, but I cannot seem to find it. I'm using a 2006-2007 repeater book, and I know at least a few of these would be in a newer one. If anybody can give me the callsign and any other information regarding their ARES, RACES...