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  1. L

    Nexedge Coverage (Simulcast)

    Are current radio system is a Kenwood Nexedge system with a NXR-710 as a main repeater and 5 NXR-710 voter sites deployed throughout our service area. Overall the radio system works great and has excellent portable coverage. I am currently experiencing in a new area of town were portable...
  2. D

    Halfway between repeaters, mystery distortion?

    A mystery I need help with... Details & background: I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT and wear a pager (receiver) on my hip tuned to a VHF frequency (150MHz). In my basement I'm getting terrible reception on that pager, so I threw up a 4 foot tall Diamond VHF omnidirectional antenna (Diamond...
  3. marksroberson

    ID-O-Matic 4 Linking Help

    Alright, things have started to settle down here after Hurricane Matthew (at least in my area) and I am getting back to a project I had. I have a repeater that I am testing around with. Its not much really, its just a CDM750 for VHF RX and a Maxtrac for VHF TX (Low Power) all being done through...
  4. kjl13

    Motorola Quantar Question

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a Motorola Quantar Repeater and I found a possible candidate, but I need to make sure it is the correct band and power output I am looking for. Here are the pictures of it: Picture 1 - Back of repeater label Picture 2 - Front of the repeater Picture 3 -...
  5. H

    Repeater locations database

    Hi, Not sure if I am on the correct forum. I would like to download a list of texas repeaters that I can upload into my garmin gps for future reference. Does anyone know if there is such a list.?
  6. S

    Make repeater from CM300?

    I have a pair of Motorola CM300s. (VHF) I would like to join them together to make a repeater. Where do I start? I have a duplex repeater cable, programming software and programming cable. Not sure what programming I need to do to make this work. Not sure duplex is the right cable. I want to...
  7. S

    Repeater/Antenna help

    I work in a small music recital hall with 18-inch thick concrete walls. We use Kenwood TK-2400V4P radios which aren't able to cut through the concrete, so I picked up a Kenwood TKR-750 repeater. I was able to get it programmed to work with our radios, but as I'm new to this area, I had...
  8. K

    Standard C790L Information

    I was given a Standard C790L radio. I don't know much about it and there hasn't been much turned up on my Google searches. Hopefully someone on here can help fill in some of the holes in my understanding. First off, I know it is a commercial UHF radio. I read one ham's website that a simple...
  9. F

    Talk Around / Simplex on Capacity Plus Single Repeater System

    I am getting mixed messages regarding the ability to use talkaround with our repeater / system setup. Motorola says no, users say yes.... is it possible to enable talkaround using a capacity plus trunked system? we have a simple set up with a single repeater if possible - use a button or...
  10. J

    Motorola DMR Programming question/s...

    I've been trying to figure this out and obviously I'm stumped because I'm here asking for a little bit of insight.... I've got several radios all programed and working on my licensed frequencies using my licensed copy of the CPS. Just getting that out of the way. So before I added a repeater to...
  11. D

    SKYWARN frequencies for North Carolina

    I've been looking around for frequencies that SKYWARN spotters use in Western North Carolina, specifically in the Charlotte area. I used to hear lots of traffic on 145.350 or around there, but lately I haven't heard anything. I've tried different repeaters in the area to see if they were used...
  12. T

    VRS-EP tranceiver Issues

    Good evening, thank you to all in advance for your assistance in this matter. I had ordered a VRS-EP (P2017A and P2017B) UHF repeater from someone on ebay, opened it up and discovered no transceiver on the YLE4009B board. So, I get my money back, order another and sure enough....no transceiver...
  13. zacabo

    ID-O-Matic IV and MCS2000

    I'm trying to build a repeater out of two VHF MCS2000 radios using the Id-o-Matic IV. I know the MCS doesn't have a COS so I'm using the stereo mute instead. I tried to follow the setup I had for my UHF cdm's. I'm able to key the repeater key up but there is no audio coming through. Tonight I...
  14. BlueDevil

    EF Johnson Transpeater III

    I recently obtained an EF Johnson Transpeater III. It has a couple different numbers on it that I am assuming are significant. On the front it has TR30-022 and on the back it has a Transcrypt TR30-1102 AC along with a29323. I am looking for a manual for this device as I am not sure what the...
  15. S

    PTT/Devices/Carrier - Digital 2-way

    Hello Apologize if I am in the wrong place, but I am in need for some information. I have been looking for a dependable 'life safety" communications solution in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Over the last year I have been testing out PTT, conventional and digital radios I looked at Motorola...
  16. UnHumanReactions

    Public Safety Repeater Alert Beep

    My local police department uses a repeater for their radios and whenever a unit starts transmitting, there is a short little beep, almost like an alert tone to let people know to listen to the radio. It's not the MDC-1200 data burst, it's right before it. It also happens when the dispatcher...
  17. F

    Help: Repeater Baofeng UV-5r setup

    Hi. Bought a cable from Baofeng for repeater use, and programmed with a +0.0600 offset (see attached pictures). It works but it doesnt send before you talk or blow hard in the mic. Not tested from a distance yet but some scratching. Is there any settings on the radio i need to change?
  18. N

    Rocky Mount, NC CSX Yard Repeater Machine

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLwxR-X_o9A When no trains are running, why not listen to cars get switched around? Yes, this is a true repeater machine operation for switching, the input channel the conductor and engineers transmit into is 160.290 and once it goes through the machine it spits...
  19. K

    Using this site to find Repeaters

    I'm new to the form. Just looking for some info on how to use this site. Is there a way to find repeater freqs here? Another idea would be to be able to plan a route on a map and get a print out of selected freqs along that site. Like a bunch of check boxes on what you wanted printed out. Just...
  20. A


    So i have a pretty old VXR9000 repeater. i am wondering if there are any purposes for this? it is UHF with duplexer. I was wondering if i can use this for some kind of GMRS use, or something that everyone can use? i havent got any software cables yet because i am not sure if it is worth doing...