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  1. B

    Advice on scanner replacement

    Need to replace my old portable. Live in Pawtucket RI and would like to monitor RI and South Eastern mass
  2. S

    BCD536HP: Replacement antenna suggestions

    I am new to scanners, the BCD536HP being my first. I'm former LEO, and we switched to a digital trunking before I retired. I'd like to be able to pick up those signals, as well as any local military, airport and other dispatch and first responder departments who aren't using trunking systems...
  3. H

    Help me find my next scanner

    After many years of service, my RS Pro-96 is on its last legs (on-off/volume knob is going bad). I could really use some expert advice from you all on an economical replacement. I’d love a slight upgrade from the Pro-96 but I certainly don’t need the “latest and greatest”. I’d like to stick with...
  4. S

    HT1250 Screen Replacement Help

    Hello everyone, I'm SEK494 and I'm new to the site. So I purchesed a used HT1250 UHF for use when I'm working with my Fire Department. (Yes, Its all legal and will be programed by the sheriffs office.) Unfortanetly the screen is broke. I can not justify the $140 repair service. However, I...
  5. B

    Radio Shack Pro 95 Key Pad Replacement

    I have a Radio Shack Pro 95 scanner and I need a replacement keypad. I searched Amazon, E-bay and Google, but have had no luck. Any ideas?
  6. D

    AOR 3000A Keyboard locked after Reset

    I've got an used AOR 3000A scanner. After first powerd on the display showed garbeld digits. But i could make entries over the keyboard, also the main tuning knob worked. The cmos battery was empty. After a replace and reset the displays showed all entries clear and comming back with 80.000...
  7. T

    PRO-404 Overhaul?

    Hi! I have an old PRO-404. The casing is chipped, beltclip socket is broken, and the buttons are fading. Does anyone know if I can order a new casing and or belt-clip AND OR button pad? Is there an RSU# or something? Thanks so much! Sam
  8. B

    ARC Easy Stream Substitute?

    I see that the dropped the ARC Easy Stream program... Does anyone know of any other program that is similar? I don't understand why they would drop such a good program.. Does anyone know if there is any other type of similar software? Is there any plans for a replacement? Why would they drop...
  9. kc8mln

    Motorola Saber: Replacement Knobs NEEDED!

    Does anyone have a source for NEW replacement knobs for the Motorola Saber series? We are looking to get BOTH the Channel and Volume replacement knobs that are NEW and NOT old stock... we are tired of pulling them off of other radios to have them still brittle and break and crack, so we need a...