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    Antenna on my roof - need information

    I'm a disabled veteran and I am wanting to put a wire aerial on my roof. I have some help for installing it, but I need advice on what I need to acquire to get this project done. I plan on using two tripod roof brackets, one at each end of the 70 foot ridgeline, and each fitted with a 5 foot...
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    Any ideas for a antenna ??

    I got a brand new radio and i noticed the stock antenna just wan't cutting it. I have a radioshack pro-197 scanner. Anybody got any ideas for good antennas that can go on a roof of a house but really small that wouldn't affect the look of the house? probably in the range of 1ft at the most...
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    Homemade antennas

    I was reading something about a homemade antenna from some other forum. Anyway the guy made this antenna that he was able to listen to frequncies from atleast 500 miles away with a antenna he made. Does anybody know how to make an antenna such as this one. I have the radioshack pro-197 scanner too.