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    What antennas are others in our area using?

    So I just purchased my first base scanner antenna(a Centerfire tri-band 150/450/800 ground plane). Mainly because I was having issues receiving the Placer P25 system from my location about a half mile north of Roseville PD. I actually setup my Larsen tri-band mag mount, basically another...
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    Problems programming Roseville Trunked system

    I have a BCD396T version 3.02.02 and have access to the RadioReference database. I'm using ARC396 version 3.2.004 to program the scanner. It's been a few years since I've programmed the radio and am having problems getting it to program correctly. I go into ARC396 and click on...
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    Eastpointe Police

    Can anyone create a feed for eastpointe Roseville and st Clair shores police? IT'S SERESA DISPATCH basically Let me know Because the macomb county police feed doesn't work for these cities.
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    SERESA to offer citizens academy

    Anyone interested? You will get to see live 9-1-1 calls coming in.
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    Can anyone create a feed for seresa

    Can anyone create a live feed for SERESA, Eastpointe, Roseville, and St. Clair Shores police?
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    Can someone tell me if this scanner is right?

    I am looking for a police scanner so I can listen to the Roseville Police. The feed provider here on this site no longer provides, and I am shopping for a handheld. I have read several forum posts and I think I am on the right track, but just want to be sure. Here is the link: Radioshack...
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    What is up with Roseville feed?

    It has been down for days, anyone know why? Is there some other platform for hearing it when it isn't available online? If I had a real scanner from Radio Shack or somewhere, would I be able to hear it? I was raised with a police scanner playing 24/7 in my home, my dad is now retired CHP. I...