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  1. C

    Freescan: Windows 10 Setup

    Can some one please explain the setup needed to get my BCT15X to communicate with Freescanin Windows 10 using the cable that comes with the scanner? I have a RS232 port on my computer. Any special driver needed? Do you need to setup a virtual com port? Please help, this is getting frustrating.
  2. S

    Alinco DJ-X2000 problems connecting to PC via RS232

    Hi, first time poster so be gentle, I have owned this scanner for a couple of years and never had any luck connecting it to a PC. I assumed it was something to do with it not liking RS232-USB adaptors or the ERW7 USB cable. I recently got a toughbook, which is graced with an RS232 port so i...
  3. M

    BCT8 software problems(ARC8)

    I just updated the firmware fine, and would like to try to use Arc8 to program some Alpha tags and such. My problem is whenever I try to send or read the data from the scanner, it says Data 34 Reading trunk type failed. I have the scanner set to remote mode yet it still is not working I have...
  4. H

    BCD966XT RS232 Rear Port Issues

    Howdy, I got myself stumped. I have a new BCD966XT, all programmed and ready to go. When installing it in my truck I thought it would be good to have computer control at all times with hidden wires. I purchased a rs232 cable and connected to rear of scanner and to a Panasonic CF-WEB301 docking...