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  1. KoruII


    I am new to purchasing scanner equipment but an avid listener to the iPhone Scanner Radio application. Several months ago my hometown (Baltimore, MD) Police radio broadcast went and remains offline. I believe I read that the provider has moved out of the area and it appears no one is...
  2. Q

    RTL-SDR dongle recognized (and ejected) by Windows 10

    I have a RTL-SDR dongle which I use with AirSpy/SDRSharp #, and it was working fine till two weeks back. But looks like there was some automatic update done on Windows 10 or on the BIOS of my Sony Laptop (running Windows 10). Now when I fix my RTL-SDR dongle, I hear the the distinct tone of a...
  3. I

    Open Hardware devices for cheap SDR receivers

    Good day! For a while, I worked on creating completely open hardware solutions (such as Antenna Mini-Whip, HF Upconverter, and etc.) used to expand capabilities and work with low-cost SDR receivers (RTL2832U). At the moment, all devices publicly available on GitHub. You can get acquainted with...
  4. J

    More Video Guides to SDRplay RSPs

    The latest edition of TX Factor is an "SDR special" - it includes an intro into setting up an RTL-SDR dongle and shows the RSP2 and RSP1A in action at recent UK events - you can view it on https://youtu.be/tcf9IQQ2bGo The latest version of SDRuno now has preset ham band buttons to "auto-range"...
  5. M

    Standalone Device with Capabilities of SDR

    Pretty straightforward question: Is there a standalone device that can receive such a large spectrum as an RTL-SDR dongle? I'm new to radio usage in general, so I'm open to any suggestions that could make this post and future posts better.
  6. H


    Sill confused on how to use this. All I'm wanting to do is select a specific SITE (Tower) and monitor it to see what TGID's are using that specific SITE. I have my receiver setup done, I believe. RTL2832U R820T RUNNING READY. I have the system selected that I want: APCO P25, BEE00-1A7, Texas...
  7. D

    DSDCC DMR repeater input

    I am trying to use RTL-SDR with DSDCC to decode DMR on a raspberry pi. When I listen to a repeater output, the audio sounds as good as if it was coming out of my HT; however, when I attempt to listen to the repeater input, the voice is not discernible and DSDCC throws a lot of errors. Does...
  8. N

    Garbled audio - what am I missing?

    RTL-SDR v.3 Unitrunker DSD+ Windows 7, i7 2.7ghz, 8GB ram Here's a 2min video of my setup. https://youtu.be/_pq4sH-tZVM I actually bought a Wilson 301111 yagi, and I'm getting no better reception than the RTL-SDR stock retractable antenna. How is that possible? Is this reception? Decoding...
  9. S

    RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi - Choppy Audio with rtl_fm

    Howdy! I'm new to both RTL-SDR and setting up a scanner provider. I've been following the instructions on the RR Wiki, Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki and wanted to ensure the setup was working before I started the feed. As such, I've tried piping the rtl_fm feed to...
  10. H

    RTL-1090 file missing rtlsdr.dll

    I already had my dongle installed and working with sdrsharp program and decided to look at setting up for aircraft tracking-mapping-listening to. I needed two additional things: Virtual Radar Server and RTL-1090 program. I downloaded Virtual Radar Server with no issues but when I downloaded...
  11. SCPD

    NOOELEC NESDR Smart Rant

    I ordered my Nooelec NESDR Smart last Wednesday morning and it arrived yesterday moring. Was excited to see the mail courier deliver it to my door. I ran to my room and diosconnected the old rtl2832u r820t dongle and plugedd in the smart. It is smaller than the original dongle measures 5/8ths...
  12. K

    Streaming from Pi RTL-SDR to IceCast server (sound with interruption)

    Hello! I've configured my RaspberryPi 3 with RTL-SDR according to this guide Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki I have my own IceCast server. After I've launch transmission I received sound from IceCast with interruption. It is hard to explain, that's why I...
  13. M

    SDR program shuts down but won't clear out of memory

    I have a new RTL-SDR R820T2 and it is acting weird with my Windows 7 computer. SDRSharp and HDSDR will run OK but then suddenly the program crashes and the window closes, but the program still shows as active in the task manager. When I try to start it again, or the other SDR program that one...
  14. SCPD

    OKWIN Pending Feed

    Hi, I have applied to be a feed provider. I plan on streaming OKWIN only here in Oklahoma City. I will not be streaming EDACS Provoice due to the nasal (holing your nose and talk) sound DSD Plus has on it. I tried many many different possible DSD Plus tuning values. Even tried the CPU load...
  15. SamAltenberger

    DSD+ and MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

    Greetings all, My university uses an unencrypted MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus radio system that I am trying to monitor/scan using a spare Windows 7 computer with a RTL-SDR unit, SDR#, and DSD+. As far as I can tell, my university's radio system has four frequencies across two channels (Channel 1: Rx...
  16. C

    Having trouble installing a RTL-SDR Generic Device

    Hello I just got a generic RTL-SDR the other day. I can't get it to install. When I plug it in to a USB port, it either doesn't see it, or I get the response "Windows doesn't recognize device due to malfunction". When I look in device manager, it read "Unknown USB Device (Device...
  17. K

    Current SDR software 2015

    I'm wondering what the current lineup is for software choices for the RTL-SDR and NooElec Mini 2+. I've read through the posts I can find but a lot are from 2014 or even 2013. Looking for Windows 8.2 x64, free, and on the simple side for my first exposure to SDR. The posts appear to point to...
  18. bobmp26

    What sort of equipment do I need for my RTL-SDR dongles?

    Hello there I’ve just gotten into sdrs and I need to get a USB hub. is there a certain type of hub I need so that I can get all of sdrs plugged in? Also I need some sort of antenna splitter so that I can use my outdoor antenna on all of the sdrs instead of the cheap antennas they give out. And...
  19. S

    Unidentified signal at 120 mhz

    Hi guys, So I was playing with a rtl sdr dongle lately and came across a strange signal exactly at 120 mhz. I am using gqrx for sdr side. Any idea what it is? Here is the gps info of my location if relevant: Latitude:31.70677465 N Longitude:76.52492523 E Sea level: 882 M
  20. SCPD

    Remove the Remote Sesnor Diode??

    It has been found from a post at rtl sdr reddit channel that in certain cases removing the remote diode sensor in the RTL dongle receivers can reduce the amount of out of band interference. I have done this to mine. My personal findings is there is a marginal increase in reception using the HF...