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  1. D

    DSDCC DMR repeater input

    I am trying to use RTL-SDR with DSDCC to decode DMR on a raspberry pi. When I listen to a repeater output, the audio sounds as good as if it was coming out of my HT; however, when I attempt to listen to the repeater input, the voice is not discernible and DSDCC throws a lot of errors. Does...
  2. S

    RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi - Choppy Audio with rtl_fm

    Howdy! I'm new to both RTL-SDR and setting up a scanner provider. I've been following the instructions on the RR Wiki, Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki and wanted to ensure the setup was working before I started the feed. As such, I've tried piping the rtl_fm feed to...
  3. K

    Streaming from Pi RTL-SDR to IceCast server (sound with interruption)

    Hello! I've configured my RaspberryPi 3 with RTL-SDR according to this guide Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki I have my own IceCast server. After I've launch transmission I received sound from IceCast with interruption. It is hard to explain, that's why I...
  4. K

    SDR stream to IceCast server

    Based on this tutorial Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki I am trying to stream to https://www.internet-radio.com/servers/icecast/ Everything is ok until I am trying to use squelch. When squelch trigger is on my stream on client side is interrupted. I think this is a...
  5. M

    rtl_fm : Freeze with two -f parameters ?

    Dear, I use this command in a Debian system : rtl_fm -N -f 85.955M -f 173.5125M -s 22.05k -p 65 -l 75 | multimonNG -a SCOPE -a POCSAG512 -a POCSAG1200 -f alpha -t raw /dev/stdin My terminal freeze... If i use only one -f, it's work fine ! Did you know how i can fix that problem ? Thanks.