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  1. C

    NSW Police in Rural Areas

    Hi All, I know NSW Police are using digital radio now even in rural areas, however they are not yet encrypted. I'm relatively new to scanning and want to know: 1. How are they using digital comms in an area that has no GRN coverage 2. How to scan their digital non encrypted channels on my...
  2. RadioGuy1951

    Northern California discussions

    I see threads for the major URBAN areas of California, but there is SO much going on in the counties of Northen California... I hope I'm not duplication an existing thread...I looked and don't think so... The Northern California "discussion lounge" is now OPEN and serving your favorite non...
  3. wlittle

    Codes Used by Rural Metro Ambulance

    Over the weekend I programmed Rural Metro Ambulance into my Pro-94 scanner and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the codes stand for they utilize on a dispatch? For example, they just dispatched a "3 Charlie 1" and, from the description they gave, I figured put that the call was a...