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  1. J

    Simulcast Maps & Talkgroup Sites

    Here are suggestions for 1) presenting simulcast sites on the Site Details pages, and 2) matching talkgroups to sites. These observations are based mainly on the Arizona Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC) but probably apply more broadly to many other systems. SIMULCAST MAPS It would be...
  2. J

    RWC Simulcast A Best Sites

    I am trying to add RWC Simulcast A to my scanners after a couple years of successfully monitoring Simulcast H from near Hayden and Chaparral Roads with 5 bars and solid audio on PRO-197's and a BCD996XT. However, when I turn my Larsen YA5740W yagi antenna father west to aim toward the closest...
  3. M

    Best equipment for monitoring RWC, PPD, PFD?

    What is the best equipment these days for services on RWC? I currently have a BCD996T and don't seem to be hearing much from PPD. Someone in another forum wrote that it is not able to receive everything on RWC (unencrypted, of course). I also have the handheld equivalent to the 996T (don't...
  4. C

    Do both versions of the HomePatrol support the RWC?

    I'm looking at the wikis, and the page on the RWC states that HomePatrol can receive the RWC, but not the HP2. The HP2's page also mentions that it can pick up P25 Phase II, but doesn't mention Phase I. I'm looking for a scanner that can pick up the system, since my BC796D Can't hear it and is a...
  5. K

    GRE PSR-500: Optimum settings for RWC/TRWC reception?

    I was wondering if anyone has found the optimum settings for a GRE PSR-500, for monitoring the RWC & TOPAZ RWC? I program by hand, as I don't have a useable computer, so if you can translate software settings to manual settings, it'd be appreciated. I also need to update the firmware for my...
  6. J

    Best Regional Wireless Cooperative Sites

    Monitoring Scottsdale agencies on the Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC), I seem to receive only north Scottsdale calls on the Thompson Peak site. Can anyone suggest the best sites to use that will cover all of Scottsdale? BCD396XT, ARC-XT PRO, data download from radioreference.com, discone on...
  7. D

    Regional Wireless and Topaz Merger official

    Announced earlier today that what started in 2007 as a divorce after plans for a unified communications trunking system throughout the Phoenix Metro area were abandoned with Mesa, Gilbert and some other communities south and east of Phoenix creating their own all digital trunking system it was...