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  1. W

    Pro-96 and SAFE-T

    I've been away from scanning for a while. My old Pro-96 has been collecting dust. I got it out today to listen to SAFE-T during the snow storm but I'm not hearing anything, so I suspect something has changed. I searched for information here but was unable to find anything helpful (it might be...
  2. M

    indiana safe-t question

    There are radio IDs on the wiki page Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T RID 8 - The RadioReference Wiki that do not exist in the RR Safe-T "master" list documented in Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies For example, the safe-t Radio ID 37508...
  3. KD4YGG

    Hoosier SAFE-T Thread 2013-2018

    New thread started for 2013... 2012 saw rebanding of the entire system, as well as a few new talkgroups and counties joining in. What does 2013 hold? Who knows, but please post all your questions, comments, info regarding Project Hoosier SAFE-T here. Steve - could you close the 2012 thread...
  4. T

    No signal on Undiden BCD396XT

    I am brand new to DMA scanning, and have spent hours reading forums and wikis to no avail. I'd be much obliged for help. I am trying to program my 396XT in Jeffersonville, IN, to listen to local transmissions. I set up a site with control and alternate channel frequencies from Floyds Knobs...
  5. ffryan76

    Floyd County fire deartment to opperate fulltime on Safe-T

    The rural departments in the county have elected to start training with the Indiana Safe-T radio system in February. Beginning in March, Departments will still be dispatched on VHF but will be operating on the 800mhz system. Department will be utilizing the digital side of this system with each...
  6. M

    Hendricks OPS Channel Issue

    I have a PRO-197 Digital Trunking Scanner, I have Hendricks County Fire/EMS loaded into my scanner. All channels worked perfect for the last several months, however for some reason now I am only getting Dispatch, EMS, Fire, and Med Channels. The OPS channels are no longer working... Any idea why...
  7. del1964

    SAFE-T BCD396xt programming multi-sites

    I apologize if this has already been asked....but. On the new BCD396xt, what exactly does multi-site programming on a system mean exactly? Does it mean that for example I can program the Seymour site and Brownstown site and Columbus site into one system and then add the 20 groups that I choose...
  8. del1964

    Monitored ICall today Bartholomew Cnty

    I monitored an ICall this morning from the Columbus, Bartholomew County SAFE-T site. It was a dispatcher telling of the upcoming freezing rain possibility around noon today. Monitored at approx 9:40AM....1/20/2010 Is a common use of ICall? I have it programmed in under the 700000 ID in my...
  9. jclarkr6

    Programming SAFE-T into BCD396xt

    I am attempting to program a few SAFE-T sites into my new BCD396xt and I was wondering what type of system I should program it as. According to RR, SAFE-T is a "Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink" system. However, that is not an option to select on the 396xt. The only Motorola Type II system...
  10. mckeeb

    Programming ALL of Safe-T into a 396XT

    Anybody out there have ALL of indiana programmed? I hope to accomplish this and was seeing if anybody has done it, and how you have it set up. This is my first DMA scanner, but I love it! So far I've programmed by hand, waiting for a Windows machine to install FreeScan. Here is what I was...
  11. dwh367

    Small Town America Scanner Feed

    I just put a part-time stream on line. I am using my computer as both the source and the server so that's why I can't dedicate it full time. I plan to have it up as much as possible though. I am using a Radio Shack Pro-2096 with an 800MHz magnet mount cell phone antenna on an awning 8 1/2 feet...
  12. jwasson

    996T Tone-Out for Boone County Fire (Zionsville)

    I have had a 996T for some time, but I have never programmed the fire tone-out options. Does anyone have set-up parameters for Boone County Fire tones? I am surprised that the RR database doesn't have an area for these? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided...