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san bernardino sheriff

  1. spectr17

    High speed chase of robbery suspect on I-210 by San Bernardino sheriff Aug 9 2013.

    KCAL 9 news video if you missed the chase. Berdoo doesn't mess around. 40 King handed off the pursuit right as the guy hit the 134. SB ground units stayed in the chase. Suspect was wanted for a robbery of a Walgreens in Upland. Perp made the dead end street turn and it was over in Reseda. It...
  2. M

    Help with Yucaipa Frequencies??!

    Does anyone KNOW what frequencies the S.B.Sheriff in Yucaipa uses?! -- I can never hear anything from in or around there! (new at all this) To the best of my abilities, I've discerned that it's either channel 6 or 7, but somehow I keep thinking I'm missing something! There's never much chatter...