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  1. K

    A short review of the new Sangean HDR-14 Radio - FM Bandscan

    I purchased the new Sangean HDR-14 radio and filmed a video of an FM Bandscan showing its capabilities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra2t8i3lVag&t=334s
  2. K

    Sangean HDR-18 HD Radio/FM Stereo/AM Radio

    I purchased one of these last week and am pretty impressed with the reception here in Los Angeles. I have posted a bandscan of the FM dial if you are interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHGJ07cq8yI&t=52s
  3. W

    Audio Recorder Sangean DAR-101

    I recently purchased from Amazon a Sangean DAR-101 Digital Audio recorder and a 32GB SD Card for a little over $100. I'm very please, connected to Uniden BC895XLT via the line out of the scanner. (the recorder also has a built in mic and connections for external mic). The recorder has what Hams...
  4. 4phun

    Sangean CL-100 out of stock everywhere?

    I really want a CL-100, actually several after I get a chance to test one. It has all the features I need in an NOAA CERTIFIED ALERTING RADIO FOR PUBLIC PLACES. I really want at least one for myself as I hate the typical low end SAME technology ones (read Midland weather radios and almost all...
  5. N

    Help a n00b find a good reciever <$150

    Hello. I'm wanting to get started in the fascinating world of HF monitoring and in particular would like to pick up some local HF transmissions such as the NZ Mountain Radio Service and HF Maritime radio and some international utility services such as Number Stations, Maritime stations...
  6. Andy3

    New Radio advice?

    Just joined and I'm looking for advice. My Sony 7600GR has bitten the dust (don't ask) and I'm looking for a similar type of portable, but better on AM (medium wave). The Sony was just about OK but MW reception of weak signals was spoilt by noise. This seems to be a problem with modern...