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  1. KR0SIV

    Simple V Dipole For Satcom Downlink

    I recently made a V-Dipole antenna using a set of rabbit ear antennas after looking at an article I found over at the rtl-sdr blog. Simple NOAA/Meteor Weather Satellite Antenna: A 137 MHz V-Dipole He was using it to rx weather satellite images, I figured if it is good enough for that maybe I...
  2. J

    SDRplay announces the RSP2

    SDRplay Limited has today announced the launch of a second Software Defined Radio product – the RSP2. "Building on the popularity of our first product, the RSP1, we have now launched the RSP2. The RSP2 delivers a significant number of additional features which result in a higher spec for...
  3. SteveDouglass

    NightStalker Ops on SATCOM

    I had an interesting and rare clear voice military UHF STACOM intercept today - NIGHTSTALKER OPS - CENTURION COMMO on 262.2250 MHz (nbfm) today. NIGHTSTALKER OPs is listed as 160th SOAR - but I have no listing for CENTURION. Can anyone I.D. this station? Here's a link to a recording...
  4. W

    New comer to MILCOM and SATCOM

    Hello, I am interested in listening to MILCOM and SATCOM. I have read the forum wikis about it however I am still confused regarding the amount of information to comprehend. Im just wondering, what is a good starter receiver and antenna setup to use for MILCOM? Im not interested in SATCOM as...
  5. K

    Need Active Military SATCOM UHF freqs

    Hello, I need a few active Military (UHF) SATCOM freqs. There are so many, and I don't know where to start. Just a few will help. Or, how do I know which ones to pick on my own? Thanks! Kilothunder.
  6. K

    255.550 Mhz Pirates are Active

    Just a heads up to anyone intrested, 255.550 Mhz is active with pirate traffic right now coming in loud and clear into Northeast Ohio. Sounds like spanish to me.
  7. M

    SHF Antenna Failure

    If anyone if familiar with the following, please respond as I can't find an answer to this anywhere.. In our current Communication setup, we have established a TSSR link with trans/recieve frequencies at about 15 GHz. Directly behind (I mean 10 feet or so) is another SHF antenna (WPPL) that is...