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  1. SCPD

    Weather Satellite Question

    I have not dabbled in this area enough to understand much other than setting up software available for decoding APT. The only question is reading elevation and azimuth to determine when a satellite will be directly or nearly directly overhead. I can't do decodes from weather satellites just...
  2. K

    FM Sats to Work with Minimal Equipment

    We have SO-50 and the ISS up there now ... coming soon (hopefully in October, 2015) we will have FOX-1A. It promises to be EASIER to work than SO-50 - since its downlink will be on 2M, and uplink on 440. That should provide us with at least 6db INCREASE in reception signal - making DIY and...
  3. KJ4TDM

    FTA Satellites

    I have received 2 full separate FTA satellite systems with motors. I worked for days trying to get one system setup with the motor and all with no luck. I used sadoun.com for a reference on setup. So i just fixed it where i could get Galaxy 19, its the one everyone talks about, i was not...
  4. Dustybill69

    New at this type of thing.

    I have heard of programs for slow scan tv signals from the ISS or other satellites, is there a software program for police scanners to receive and decode these?
  5. millrad

    ARISSat-1 is falling

    Popular radio satellite about to become silent - Hartford Hobby Radio | Examiner.com