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    Kinetic ModeS-ADS-B 1090MHz Puck and SDR Puck

    From the Kinetic website on November 24,2012. The 1090 PUCK and SDR PUCK have arrived and worked first time. Thats great news for us and great news for you. They're going through testing at the moment and the packaging is being finalised, so they'll be hitting the dealers very soon. Both units...
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    How to use BaseStation software with the Mode-S BEAST box.

    Here is the page that talks about using BaseStation software with the Mode-S Beast product. Running the BEAST with both, PlanePlotter and BaseStation. "The Kinetic BaseStation software can only be used in USB mode with an SBS receiver. However, this software being able to operate on a TCP / IP...
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    External power supplies for SBS3

    This is a repost from Keith D who requested that the information be shared now before i start this is not meant to be a slite on Chris at Kinetic in anyway as i have written to him re this and i am sure he posted in good faith but like many people would he has mis-interpreted the specs page...
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    Military Aircraft Report for Portland, Oregon (USA) - (Updated Each Day)

    Found this link on another forum. Nicely display each daily aircraft log. __________________________________________________ Military Aircraft Report for Portland, Oregon (USA) - (Updated Each Day). Follow this link: http://www.usscanner.com/MilAir/MilAirIndex.htm Live Map...
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    Flightradar24.com Now Offers Playback of Aircraft with ADS-B.

    Flightradar24.com now offers playback of ADS-B aircraft flights! Press the LIVE button and get a big surprise! You can now playback FR24 recorded flights for up to 14 days commencing from a selected time. Just hit the "Live" button to expose the calendar and start the playback. Should come...