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  1. alabamanick

    NAS Assistance on AFRN

    Alrighty, allow me to explain this mess. I have an XTS5k model II capable of 9600 baud trunking. I program it step by step for NAS like I've done on plenty of other systems and to no avail it doesn't work. The display shows the talkgroup but no audio comes through, the speaker isn't an issue as...
  2. B

    GD-77 VFO scanning!

    How can I make the scan stop on the current channel in vfo mode? It always jumps to the beginning. Very annoying when you pass up a transmission and can't go back to the frequency. I can't find any documentation on "search" mode either. Carrier and time were self explanatory.
  3. M

    Xpr 6550 roam/scan question

    So My local Access (senior) buses operate using mototrbo, They can transmit their conversations on one of 4 frequencies, at random 470.8625 471.0625 461.375 451.8375. All tg100 and cc12. They aren't trunked bc I can pick up the whole conversation on my tytmd380 on 471.0625 if I'm lucky to have...
  4. ae5yy

    Assistance in monitoring conventional p25

    Problematic Unmuting issue with scanning of conventional P25 personalities --- See programming information below We all start somewhere...My XTL5000 programming went off without a hitch. Maybe someone can help Elmer me on this older HT. Newbie over here! Okay trying to listen to simulcast...
  5. zacabo

    APX 7000 Scanning Beep

    I have recently programmed my APX and when scanning I'm getting a beep when switching between channels. I have looked in the Scan Wide and Radio Profiles but didn't see anything that jumped out to me. Does anyone else know where I might find out where the setting is located?
  6. I

    Multiple control channels

    I have a Motorola XTS 5000 800mhz 9600 baud trunking. I'm currently monitoring a trunking system of my city, but I have some problems. The system has 4 control channels and some of them only monitor specific talkgroups. So the radio only scans one control channel and I can't listen all the...
  7. K

    Ht 1250 scan list field program issue

    My 1250 wont let me field program my scan list. It has it in the menu. And even let's me choose channels to add. But,when i scan. It doesnt pick up the channels i selected. Instead it scans channels all through the radio
  8. A

    BCD996P2: Slow Priority Scan

    Just a quick question about Uniden Priority scan. I've owned a BCD996P2 for quite some time now and it's a beautiful scanner. It works perfectly except for one function, it's analog priority scan. It's remarkably slow, as in it pauses to check the priority channel for enough time to make any...
  9. T

    UV-82 scanning

    Ok, I've programmed memory channels on a baofeng uv82 v2+ for a friend. The question is, can you "scan" the memory channels that are programmed? Not too familiar with this radio but it seems like a solid little handheld! Thanks for any help.
  10. M

    Yaesu: FT-857D vfo scan in 2m FM does not stop

    Hi, Trying to figure out a frustrating problem with my FT-857D. I am trying to do VFO scanning in 2m (144-148MHz) band. SQL/RF dial is set to SQL, the mode is FM, and TON (button A) in MFe is set to blank (ie, no tone encoding). However, when I scan, the scan does not stop even if it picks up a...
  11. D

    XTS 5000 Voting help

    I am re-learning Moto after 10 years so bear with me please... This is my first XTS.... Trying to set up Voting groups but not having any any luck ( maybe ive been looking too long and cant see whats infront of me). I have a list of freqs, out of that 5 voting groups. But none are working...
  12. SlipNutz15

    XTS2500 audio clips out

    I've search the forums multiple ways before typing this. I have an XTS2500 VHF and it seems that at the end of certain transmissions or noise thresholds the audio clips off and it takes approximately three seconds before the audio comes back through. Am I missing some audio setting that stops...
  13. J

    Scan function on the XPR-6550

    I have a "hybrid" radio system due to budget restrictions. Currently I have 21 Motorola cp-200's using Analog frequencies inside my buildings. We recently upgraded to a small digital system (17 Motorola XPR-6550 UHF radios) that use an off site repeater supplied by my vendor (we rent airtime)...
  14. wa2chj

    VX-180 Scanning

    Questions about how scanning works on VX-180. I have two channels in my scan list. Both have 2-tone alert programmed, and both channels alert with the tones. Many times I'm away from the radio, and come back to find it displaying -CALLED- as it should. My questions are... 1. When it's...
  15. wfdegon

    Icom F121/221 No Mic Scan Bypass Plug

    After an exhausting search (to no avail), for a schematic to make a bypass plug for an Icom F121 I decided to figure it out for myself. I wanted to basically use the radio as a scanner without the possibility of it being able to transmit as it is sharing a receive antenna with other receivers...
  16. M

    Scanner to monitor dcfd

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a scanner than can listen in on DCFD. I know it has to be a trunking scanner, but beyond that not much...any suggestions?
  17. C

    TK-290 stopped scanning

    Just recently my TK-290 has given up the ability to scan. I even tried reassigning a new key & it still would not come up. Is this a common issue with this radio?
  18. J

    Need help: Programming scan in astro spectra

    Good Day Masters! I would like to ask some information and proper method in programming SCAN in ASTRO Spectra using ASTRO SPECTRA CPS. Need to program all my channels and talkback to any channel. Instead of choosing to every channel, this thing will help us a lot in monitoring. Please help...
  19. jtsmith82391

    HT1250LS+ scan issue

    Hello everyone, I have a Motorola HT1250LS+ Model #AAH25RDH9DP5AN. I'm having an issue while scanning, it won't pick any transmissions up while the scan option is enabled. but when I turn scan off it will pick-up on whichever channel is selected. I am familiar with the CPS I'm just unsure what...
  20. D

    W8DEJ about Wouxun KG-UV6X Programing-Scaning

    I purchased a Wouxun KG-UV6X and it works fine. I can not find any information on how to toggle any memory channels from scan to not to scan using the keys or functions in the field. How can I go from Memory to VFO in order to program a channel in the field and save it to memory. The...