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  1. fdnyfish

    How do I scan Scanlists instead of scansets

    I want to be able to scan the checked "Scanlists" that selected in the main menu. Right now, the only thing that scans, are the scanlists that are in my scansets. I don't want to use scansets, i just want to go scanlists and enable or disable them. right now turning on or off scanlists have...
  2. P

    Help. WS1098. Unable to Receive Digital Signals

    I'm hoping that someone could help me out here. I live in Lewis County WV and Law Enforcement here recently upgraded their radios to Digital. From what I read it's P25 Phase 1. So I purchased a Whistler 1098 from walmart.com and it seems like a nice scanner radio. Up until now I've owned...
  3. W

    PRO-106 number of lists vs PRO-96

    I have a PRO-96, and just got a PRO-106. On my PRO-96, I have 10 banks, and if each one has a tunked system, I can create 5 lists of talkgroups in each bank, for a total of 50 lists of talkgroups. Has the maximum number of lists I can have now shunk from 50 lists on the PRO-96 to 20 lists on...