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scanner antenna

  1. Jonathan7

    Railroad Base Antenna Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I'm not seeing a ton of options out there for base antennas that are tuned for the railroad band. So far I've seen only the "TrainTenna Vertical Outdoor Base Antenna" and the "RRBASE - Firestik RailRoad Base Station Antenna Kit". I'm looking for some feedback on these antennas...
  2. B

    Split antenna signal to 2 (or more) scanners

    Hi, I have Discone antenna (link) connected to 50' RG8X coax cable (link) which is plugged into my scanner directly with an SO-239 to BNC adaptor (link). The antenna and current setup works great. I would like to set up another scanner and use the same antenna, so I have 2 (or more) scanners...
  3. emtbucky1

    Best Wide-Band Scanner Antenna...the seventeen foot tall X700HNA or D3000N Discone?

    price is no worry, base station, antenna with highest gain for all band scanner? X700HNA Dualband Base/Repeater Antenna ? Or am I just better off with a wideband discone? Like the D3000N?
  4. jerry092975

    Unication G4 700/800MHz P25 Phase II TDMA Pager

    I got a Unication G4 700/800MHz P25 Phase II TDMA Pager 2 months ago for my county and i love it, my county is Chester County Pa on the Harris radio system 700/800MHz P25 Phase 2 TDMA and this unit is way better then any scanner out there....Just get one, it's worth the money....You'll see.
  5. Danny37

    Mounting antenna upside down?

    If I mount an antenna upside down will it affect performance? I have a very tight space I can run an antenna through and it seems like if I mount it upside down it would be more easier. It's a scanner antenna, no transmitting whatsoever. Any thoughts?
  6. snerd

    MFJ Long Ranger

    Lol! Just got my BCD436HP this morning. Fiddled with it for awhile, hearing a few local agencies. I had my 2-meter HT sitting here, decided to pull the MFJ-1714S Long Ranger off it and once I put it on the scanner, holy crap! I was hearing stuff from towns 50 miles away! It's a half-wave on...
  7. G

    "Best" mobile scanner antenna

    I'm looking for recommendations for a mobile scanner antenna covering 150, 450 and 800 MHz (no low band/6M needed). I currently have an Austin, but am wondering what others are using. Like most people, don't want to put holes in the vehicle. Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP
  8. C

    Need a new scanner antenna

    Hey guys I have a Radio Pro-164 and I need a new antenna for it. I am not listening to any 700mhz frequencies or higher. Theses are the radio frequencies I listen, to I live in El Dorado Hills, up the hill from Sacramento in California. I listen to the CHP 45.36000 Green Base and 42.72000 Green...
  9. S

    Back of the scanner antenna vs outdoor antenna?

    I have a GRE PSR-410 scanner. It's located in an home office on the first floor of my house on all flat terrain right by my front door. I currently have a stock antenna that came with it, it's not bad but I would definitely like a better one. I would really prefer an antenna that is relatively...
  10. J

    Scanner antenna reception

    This is my first post so i'm sorry if this is the wrong forum. I am going to get a new scanner soon to replace my old Uniden 210XLT. Since I moved to the basement, my reception is not near as good as my scanner upstairs. My question is, will installing a outdoor antenna in the basement boost my...
  11. S

    Antenna Help

    I am looking at paying a new antenna and was thinking of getting the WBD-40 Discone Base Antenna it says it is wideband, may concern is alot of what I listen to is going to narrowband is this going to be a problem, if so can someone guide me in the right direction of what antanna I should pay...
  12. H

    Question about traveling to New York

    Hello, I'm new here and this is my first thread so please bear with me. I am an engineering college student going to school in upstate NY. I have a cb radio and a scanner radio in my car, each with their own antennas connected to the trunk of the car. I live in New Hampshire where the car is...
  13. R

    Easy external scanner antenna project

    Here is an easy little project for an external scanner antenna with a few parts from the junk bin. This antenna is fine for somewhat local stations; for distant station scanning a tuned J-Pole or dipole antenna would work much better. And of course, the higher you can get this little guy up...
  14. T

    Looking at a new antenna for my pro-197

    Well i've had my radioshack magnet mount antenna up on my roof hooked to my Pro- 197, for a few months now I notice its starting to rust and I can actaully pick up signals better in my room with a rubber antenna than a outdoor one. So I was looking at new antennas and I Have no idea where to...
  15. S

    Best scanner for scanning about 20 miles?

    What do you guys recommend? I live in Lake County IL and want a scanner that has good reception and I will be using in my house/on road sometimes. Also want one that is around 200 $. Thanks
  16. T

    coax tee vs multiplexer.

    I am looking to purchase a second scanner and would like to use a single antenna for both. I am going to use the set back antenna until I get set up later with an outdoor antenna. My question is if all I am doing is receiving a signal and not broadcasting, would a coax tee work with out the...
  17. C

    Does a 433MHz antenna help with reception?

    Hi, this is my first post so please tell me if I am double posting or in the wrong section. Anyway, my question is whether or not a 433MHz antenna will improve reception of 433Mhz signals on my handheld scanner compared to the rubber duck stock antenna. I ask because the antenna I am looking at...
  18. abear27

    PL259/SO239 Connecters on Scanner Antennas

    Why are there wideband scanner antennas with SO-239 connectors on them? The PL-259 that mates with the SO-239 is described as "does not work well above 300 MHz". What does that mean in practical terms though? I know it is challenging to make a single antenna that "works well" for a wide...
  19. A

    Using scanner antenna for transmit/receive

    I recently went down to the local radioshack and stumbled apon a 26-1300mhz glass mount antenna. I curently run 450mhz UHF 2 way radios, I was wondering if it is possible to use this antenna to tranmit as well as receive? this is much better than the specialized UHF disguise antennas for $250...