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scanner antennas

  1. L

    Base scanner antenna setup

    I am looking at upgrading my antenna setup for my base scanner. I monitor the Illinois STARCOM 7/800 system, UHF 450-470, and VHF 140-165. I live about 35 miles north of Peoria, IL , right along the Illinois River. I have one of these --->...
  2. V

    What scanner and frequencies for Trent Hills,Ontario?

    At this time I only have a Realistic Pro-38,which is fine for listening to local ham radio repeaters. What would I need to listen to Trent Hills,ON emergency services? Are they encrypted? In which case I may as well not bother upgrading! Recommended outside antenna? Discone,other? Local...
  3. J

    Mobile Antenna for HP-2

    Have been doing a lot of reading on the Antenna Forum and have concluded that getting a Larsen NMO150/450/800 fixed mount antenna makes sense for the type of monitoring I am doing. My only concern is VHF-Lo band for Maryland State Police. Any suggestions on a low band mobile antenna to mount...
  4. M

    Uniden Rubber Duck vs. Diamond SRH320A vs. Radio Shack RS800

    Here is a quick comparison video between the Uniden rubber duck v. Diamond SRH320A v. RS800 on the Denver Police EDACS 800mhz system. I'm using the Uniden BCD436HP for this comparison test. <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie"...
  5. J

    question: 2 scanner antennas co phase?

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know if it is safe to connect 2 base scanner antennas to one radio? Also, is it safe to connect 2 scanners to 1 antenna? Thank you