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scanner recomendation

  1. KoruII


    I am new to purchasing scanner equipment but an avid listener to the iPhone Scanner Radio application. Several months ago my hometown (Baltimore, MD) Police radio broadcast went and remains offline. I believe I read that the provider has moved out of the area and it appears no one is...
  2. B

    Oklahoma City/Edmond Scanner Purchase

    I have been out of the scanner game for 15 years....a lifetime with technology changes. I've read quite a bit about the OKWIN system and the current systems in use by the Oklahoma City Police and Fire. Still, I am confused on what type of scanner I should purchase. I realize I can't scan on...
  3. J

    newby needs scanner recomendation

    Got a Radio Shack "Weather Alert" scanner for fathers day. know i need to upgrade a bit, but don't know if i want to put $400 into hobby yet. would like to listen to jeffco and Vestavia, ect. maybe spend around $200?