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scanner software

  1. G

    BC346XT: Channel blanks out momentarily

    Let me state that a couple years ago this scanner was programmed via software so I am a newbie when it comes to programming this. On the BC346XT, I hit a button in error. Now when a channel is being monitored, the scanner will blank the audio out briefly about every 3 seconds. I checked and...
  2. T

    uniden bct-15x recording HELP PLEASE??

    i got a samsung series 9 laptop running windows 7 and a bct15x im using pro scan software.i can record but i cannot get just the transmishions only.to record.it picks up everything thru my built in comp mic on the side of the laptop..im using the usb-1 cable.ive tried the use of the usb-1 and...
  3. EHammarstrom

    Scanner Software

    Is there scanner software out there for the PRO-106 that does not require a subscription to RR or an other group? Also is there anysoftware out there for the iMac? I have a Windows PC also, but if I could rather do it on the MAC. I could bee asking for to much, but if it could do it on othe...